'V/H/S 2' Red-Band Trailer Will Terrify You


V/H/S/2- Trailer No.1

Last year's V/H/S met some seriously mixed response (you can read Screen Rant's review here), with consensus opinion dubbing it an interesting if not consistently successful exercise in anthology horror filmmaking. The sequel, V/H/S 2, has received almost universal praise on the festival circuit, which may come as a surprise to some. For everyone who needs convincing, the newly unveiled red-band trailer for the film makes a persuasive, gruesome, freaky case for seeking it out in theaters.

(It should be stressed that the clip is very, very NSFW.)

Structurally, V/H/S 2 - which received a teaser trailer a few months back - is more of the same: force unsuspecting people to watch a series of increasingly disturbing and totally mysterious VHS tapes containing micro-horror narratives. This time around, the producers have corralled a stable of seriously talented filmmakers to spin their own found-footage yarns, from Gareth Evans (The Raid) to Eduardo Sanchez and Greg Hale, two of the minds responsible for rekindling interest in the sub-genre with the 1999 film The Blair Witch Project.

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The trailer shows off the diversity of the film's segments, which detail horror tropes ranging from alien invasions to cult activities to zombie outbreaks; it's also incredibly bloody and relentlessly shocking, so the faint of heart best stay away. More importantly, it displays the massive uptick in quality seen across the entire picture. There's a great deal of craft to be found in V/H/S 2, and the sensation that every dollar funneled into the production is visible on the screen. More than the content, that's the movie's best recommendation.

But you'll have to wait to see it for yourself. Fortunately, V/H/S 2 hits VOD shortly and starts its theatrical run not long after, so that wait won't be very long. (And in the meantime you can check out the below images, as well as Screen Rant's interview with some of the filmmakers involved.) What do you think, Screen Ranters? Ready to give the people behind the V/H/S series another chance?


V/H/S 2 will be available through iTunes and VOD on June 6th, 2013, and will arrive in theaters on July 12th, 2013.

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