'V/H/S' TV Spot & Clip Promise an Escalating Series of Scares [Updated]

A new TV spot for the found-footage horror anthology 'V/H/S' has been released, and while short on story beats, it promises that each short film will be scarier than the last.


After the success of films like [REC] and Paranormal Activity, it was inevitable that a studio would take the found-footage horror genre and push it to its logical extreme. Since most of the films that utilize the format center on a singular conceit or gimmick, there was bound to be a film that discovered a way to maximize scares, while still feeling fresh the whole way through.

That film appears to be V/H/S, a found-footage anthology that comprises several different found-footage films, each one promising to be scarier than the next.

With not one but five proven directors and one unproven directing group (Radio Silence) at the helm, V/H/S benefits from a continually fresh perspective, and more importantly, several unique takes on how to make the audience members fear for their lives. A new TV spot for the film has been released which stresses that point, and while not as informative about each short story's narrative as the film's first trailer, it highlights some of the film's more ingenious scares.

Obviously, horror fans that have already committed to V/H/S might want to consider skipping the spot, though, since it runs the possibility of ruining some of the film's bone-chilling shots. Having to place nearly every jump scare in the trailer has been a bane of the found-footage genre, but it helps fill the seats come Halloween time.

Check out a clip from the film:

To help give V/H/S some semblance of structure, the film has been wrapped around an ongoing narrative that follows a group hired to burglarize an empty house and recover a rare VHS tape. Of course, they end up discovering much more than that and are treated to several haunting home movies.

Joining directing group Radio Silence are Ti West (The Innkeepers), Adam Wingard (You're Next), Joe Swanberg (Alexander the Last), Glenn McQuaid, and David Bruckner (The Signal) - each adding their signature flair for the morbid. Both Bruckner and West have achieved moderate success combining the horror and found-footage, whereas the other directors – save for Radio Silence – have been able to deliver the chills using more conventional filmmaking.


There was some major buzz surrounding V/H/S coming out of Sundance, but unfortunately a lot of that forward momentum has been lost on its way to an October theatrical release. Thankfully, if things are still going according to plan, hopeful horror fans can view the anthology On Demand sooner before later.

V/H/S releases theatrically on October 5, 2012 and will premiere On Demand starting August 3oth.


Source: Shock Till You Drop


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