Veteran's Day: Movies Veterans Love

A day that every American should remember arrives today, the 11th day of the 11th month of every year. It echoes in perpetuity, providing all of us in the US with a continued wall of integrity, protection and honor via the many calls to duty that have been answered for hundreds of years.

Today is Veterans Day.

Have you taken the time out of your day to thank any of the many that have served? We here at Screen Rant wish to thank each and every man and woman that has given their time and often times their lives to ensure a more perfect union. Last year we had one of the most active threads in Screen Rant history, sharing the many great War/Military movies that dance in our memories this time of year. This year, we thought that instead of getting a similarly compiled, all-too-familiar list, we'd ask those who have served to share a listing of "The Movies that Veterans Love."

My thanks go out to the many employees of my 9-5 job, my family and friends who have served for taking the time out of their day to help us better understand their favorite cinema selections.

So read on below to see the favorite films of the men and women currently serving in the Armed Forces, and please take the time out of your day to thank any of the many - those that have and continue to provide their service to everyone's benefit.

Corporal Becky Branscum - USMCFull Metal Jacket: Every one that's a Marine likes this movie. It shows what Boot Camp was like. The Marine: I like the action and I'm a Marine! Wall-E: I like animated films a lot and when they weave in adult overtone, so much the better!

EM2 Jason Dickerman: US NavyFull Metal Jacket: Because it reminds me so much of what Boot Camp was like. U-571: because it reminded me of what it was like to live on a submarine.Jarhead: It reminded me of how our soldiers had/have to endure

1SG Lee Gallagher: US ARMY Platoon: was one of the first war movies I paied attention while I was in the military.We Were Soldiers: This movie got me fired up and energized me with all of the action in it.Black Hawk Down: was a significant event during my tour and is just a good all-around movie.

ET1(SW), Andy Harpst: US NAVY(ret) Mr. Roberts: Classic cinema with Jimmy Stewart, James Cagney great stuff! The Hunt For Red October: - Filmed at the sub base in Point Loma, CA when I was stationed there.  Had friends who were extras in it. Star Trek-IV: The Voyage Home: 'cause my last ship was the nuclear wessel, Enterprise!

Gunner Merlyn Woods: US ARMY Prince of Boxes: I love the rags to riches viewpoint of this movie. It's something that all of us think about from time to time. Scaramouche: Along with the same from nothing to something important idea here is the French Revolution and the rise against aristocrats. Great stuff!The Ten Commandments: I love the bible and religion and this is easily one of the best biblical movies of all time.

SK1(SW) Dino L. Schimmel: US NAVY Forrest Gump: I have a special feeling for those guys in Vietnam TOP GUN: I always wanted to fly in an F-14 and if you've ever seen one fly in person you would take a liking to this movie McHale's Navy: This movie reminded me of the crew I had on my first Minesweeper Tour on The USS ADROIT (MSO-509).

Weapons Fire Control Tech Second Class Fred Wilkerson: US NAVY Von Ryan's Express: Frank Sinatra stars in an action packed escape from Germany in WWII. Great period sets. Frank wears his hero clothes in great style in this one. The Longest Day: The events of D-Day, told on a grand scale from both the Allied and German points of view. All star cast delivers stellar performances. Awesome special effects for it's day. The Sands of Iwo Jima: The "Duke" at his best  leads his men to a tough victory on Iwo. Take no prisoners.

Military Police Corps SP4 Jim Garrison: US ARMYBreaker Morant: Great story told in an interesting way and with a solid cast.Richard III: Shakespeare in a way that makes it more understanding, filmed by a movie/stage genius.Excalibur: The best Arthur story ever filmed.  Period.

SSG Keith Ham: US ARMY Rambo: It was soooo hilarious. That movie was a favorite among my friends because so many "Civilians" thought it was real. Uncommon Valor: What soldier doesn't want to go and get the rest of the POW's out of Vietnam - Never leave a man behind. Besides, "Sailor" was my idol. Jarhead: In my opinion, the most realistic portrayal of everyday military life in a combat zone.

Mike Sweeney: US ARMY With Honors: The character depelopment as well as the relationships between the characters was very dunamic and very real. That movie could be taken from the newspaper and the performances made me believe that it WAS happening before my eyes. Not a lot of movies do that for me. Real Genius: This is another favorite of mine, because of its whimsical nature. Talk about a movie that you cannot take seriously.

Be sure to invite those you know who have or continue to serve in the American Armed Forces to share their favorites here at Screen Rant below as we revel in the freedom constructed and protected for those of us here in America!

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