Very Early TV Season Finales

Some shows include CSI on Jan. 10, CSI Miami on Jan. 14, Family Guy on Jan. 13, and even mega women's shows like Desperate Housewives will end on Jan. 6.

Other shows end in March, like Jericho (though it wasn't supposed to be a long season) and Lost, but word is that Fox's Bones will have some new episodes in April and May.

Though I'm not a major TV watcher, I do enjoy some shows, like The Simpsons and 24. Now is a great time to keep plowing throw Netflixed DVD seasons of Battlestar Galactica. Thanks to Vic for turning me onto this brilliant show!

Check out the full list, courtesy of Hercules at Ain't It Cool News. And a big thanks for that list, Herc!

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