Veronica Mars Revival: Jason Dohring & More Original Series Alums Returning

Jason Dohring as Logan Echolls in Veronica Mars

A large chunk of the original Veronica Mars TV show cast has been confirmed for the Hulu revival with Jason Dohring, Francis Capra, David Starzyk and Percy Daggs III all announced to reprise their roles. The Veronica Mars Hulu series will be the second time that the cult TV show has been resurrected. The first was the Kickstarter-funded movie, which wrapped up the story of the series after its premature cancellation.

The new revival will be something different. While characters and actors are obviously returning, it isn’t entirely linked to the original series. The revival will be its own standalone season. It's not a direct continuation of the original. This perhaps explains why some fan favorite cast members aren’t confirmed - at least not yet.

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The casting confirmation comes directly from Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas. On his Twitter account, the executive producer announced that the actors that originally brought Logan Echolls, Wallace Fennel, Weevil Navarro and Richard Casablancas will all be back for the revival. Thomas teased that there are many more casting announcements to come but thess is just the initial returns, along with series star Kristen Bell.

Overall the returns should be pretty expected for Veronica Mars fans. Jason Dohring and Percy Daggs III seemed inevitable. Both have a long history of working with Thomas after first appearing on Veronica Mars. They also played Veronica’s love interest Logan Echolls and her best friend Wallace, respectively. Veronica Mars wouldn’t feel the same without either character. To a lesser extent the same can be said of Francis Capra and his character of Weevil. Weevil, whose real is Eli, was a frequent ally to Veronica in her investigations as he is the head of the local biker gang in the town of Neptune.

The only surprising inclusion is David Starzyk as Richard Casablancas. Though he casts a very large shadow over his sons Dick and Beaver during the series, Richard was a relatively minor character. The last appearance of Richard Casablancas had him going away to jail for white collar crimes in season 3. Since his sentence was only for a year, he’ll undoubtedly be out by the time of the revival. Since Richard is one of Veronica Mars’ richer characters (no small feat) he’ll likely play a role in the class war storyline that the revival is set to tell.

Rob Thomas didn’t just announce some of the returning cast members for the revival. He also revealed a bit of the writing staff. It’s a mixture of past and present collaborators for Thomas including iZombie executive producer Diane Ruggiero. Yet basketball superstar Kareem Abdul-Jabbar will be involved in writing the series in some capacity.

As exciting as the news about the revival is for fans, there’s still some significant characters left out. Deals still are likely being worked out and things will likely change. For the moment Enrico Colantoni, who played Veronica’s father Keith, Tina Majorino, who played Veronica’s friend Mac and Ryan Hansen who played Dick Casablancas, are still unconfirmed.

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The new season of Veronica Mars will begin streaming on Hulu sometime in the Summer 2019.

Source: Rob Thomas

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