15Veronica And Logan Hook Up

In the beginning, it was all about Veronica Mars and Duncan Kane. Although the series starts off post-breakup, it seemed like the brother of her murdered best friend would be the likely love interest here. But, as we would soon find out, when it comes to VM, you should

always expect the unexpected. Enter Logan Echolls, Veronica’s sworn enemy AND Lilly Kane’s (her best friend) ex-boyfriend.

We first meet Logan as a bully who had helped to oust Veronica from the 09er clique. Logan’s disdain for his former friend goes to the extreme when we discover that he had egged on a bunch of people at a party to do body shots off of an unconscious Veronica, then dosed Duncan with GHB when he tried to step in to save her (inadvertently facilitating Veronica’s rape). While the two were constantly sabotaging each other throughout, about halfway through the first season, we begin to see a softer side of Logan. They bond over a tribute for Lilly (recalling a great friendship) and when Logan comes to Veronica to help investigate his mother’s suicide, sparks start flying soon after. Even though we were initially floored by the coupling, once the shock wore off and we saw the pair in action, we all couldn’t help falling in love with Logan Echolls.

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