14Weevil Was In Love With Lilly Kane

Eli Navarro, better known as “Weevil,” was a character that could not stay out of trouble. Even when he wasn’t looking for it, it still found a way to him. Not unlike Logan, at first, no one liked Weevil. As head of the PCH biker gang and after his

initial attack on Wallace, you would think he would be the bad guy, right? Wrong. As it would turn out, Weevil and Veronica would quickly become allies. And while fans thought that to be pretty shocking at the time, imagine how they felt when it was revealed that Mr. Trouble himself had fallen hard for Veronica’s best friend, Ms. Lilly Kane.

Yes, Lilly was not only involved with Logan AND his dad, Aaron Echolls, but Weevil as well. Come to find out, the two had an affair while Logan and Lilly were broken-up. Except, Weevil never got over her. So much so that he even got a tattoo of her name. My, what a tangled web we weev-il.

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