Veronica Mars Revival Still on the Table

Veronica Mars - Kristen Bell on Stakeout

Veronica Mars is one of those shows, like The X-Files and Gilmore Girls, that fans just can't seem to let go of. The fanbases may not be big enough to bring those shows back to life on a full-time series basis, but there is always just enough interest to keep hope of future projects alive. Faithful fans of the UPN/CW series loved the show so much that in 2014 they were willing to crowd-fund a feature film revival into existence. Now it appears Kristen Bell's sleuthy heroine could get one more chance to put her skills to work, and this time without help from a Kickstarter campaign. The movie did have an open ending, setting up the possibility of more movies or a series return.

According to series creator and film director Rob Thomas, there is a possibility that Veronica Mars could indeed make another return, this time on a limited-run series basis (via TV Line). The big thing standing in the way of a new Veronica Mars series is that old stinker scheduling conflict. Thomas right now is deep into developing a Lost Boys adaptation for The CW while Kristen Bell is working on NBC's well-regarded series The Good Place:

"We need to find a window where we could both do it. When actors are on network shows, most standard contracts will give them outs for, like, one episode a year of guest-starring. But then there are also sometimes outs if you’re doing something that is non-competitive. Would NBC consider a Veronica Mars thing on, like, Netflix non-competitive? We have not figured that out yet.

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“Also, I’m developing Lost Boys. If those things weren’t happening, we might be closer to a Veronica Mars [continuation]. The Good Place, I think, is going to be on NBC for a while. And if Lost Boys goes, finding that window will be tricky. But we both want to do it.”

According to Thomas, the new Veronica Mars would come in the form of six hour-long episodes. His mention of Netflix is interesting since this is the platform on which Full House and Gilmore Girls managed to find life. There's obviously a big difference between cranking up to do a one-off film like the 2014 Veronica Mars movie and even a limited-run series, which requires a pretty big commitment in terms of time. It might be easier if Thomas and Bell were both out of work, but that's not the case right now.

It may not look hopeful at the moment for a new Veronica Mars chapter to come along in the near future, but that's probably how Gilmore Girls fans felt not long ago. If we've learned anything in recent years it's that no old TV show ever totally dies as long as enough fans still want to return to that world. And Netflix seemingly has the money to invest.

Source: TV Line

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