Veronica Mars Revival Video: Kristen Bell Returns To Classic Set

In the business of pleasing her adoring fans, Kristen Bell features in a set video that's sure to spur excitement for the upcoming revival of her TV show, Veronica Mars. The choice to renew the popular, early 2000s mystery teen drama must not have been a difficult one amidst the current onslaught of successful revivals, along with the show's unwavering cult following - referred to as "Cloud Watchers" or "Marshmallows" - forever attached to the three-season classic.

Premiering back in 2004, Veronica Mars follows the story of the title character, played by Bell, who has fallen from the enviable upper echelon of high school popularity after the town sheriff - Veronica's father - accuses a wealthy man of murdering his own daughter - Veronica's best friend. From there, Veronica works beside her father, solving crimes and bringing to justice the wealthy citizens of the fabricated Neptune, California where money reigns supreme and, in certain cases, helps determine one's innocence or guilt. The series, written by Rob Thomas (iZombie), aired on UPN then The CW for three seasons before its abrupt cancellation after its perhaps least critically successful season. This led to a public outcry from fans who demanded the show be renewed; eventually this group of Mars devotees raised $5 million on Kickstarter, allowing for the creation of a Veronica Mars movie, released in 2014.

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Bell took to Twitter on Monday to amp up the "Cloud Watchers" everywhere, sharing a video of herself seated at a desk with a nameplate reading: "Veronica Mars P.I.". The tweet also links to an Instagram account solely devoted to the upcoming revival. The tweet and a video of Bell on the classic set of Mars Investigations can be found below:


Fans have already been made privy to several casting announcements over the past few months detailing both the return of former cast members as well as intriguing new additions to the Veronica Mars family. J.K. Simmons, Clifton Collins Jr., Jason Dohring, and Ryan Hansen comprise a portion of the cast already signed on for the long-anticipated revival. Tragically, one of the original Veronica Mars series cast members, Brad Bufanda (Felix Toombs) passed away in November of last year, adding a layer of solemnity to the upcoming season.

The video featuring Bell back in character is sure to drum up anticipation amongst fans. It's been four years since the feature film left them wanting more, and now new plot lines finally appear to be taking shape. Hopefully, the new Veronica Mars Instagram account keeps the Cloud Watchers satiated by providing a plethora of sneak peeks into the making of their beloved show.

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Veronica Mars season 4 premieres summer 2019 on Hulu.

Source: Veronica Mars/Twitter

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