Veronica Mars: Character Breakdowns Reveal Details Of Hulu Revival

Veronica Mars

Pay attention, Marshmallows: The Veronica Mars series on Hulu has started looking for new cast and characters to fill out the upcoming revival season. Each character has its own bio, and those bios provide some clues about what the new season might entail.

Veronica Mars started out as a murder mystery comedy-drama series on UPN, later The CW, starring Kristen Bell. The series followed the adventures of a high school girl who had some serious detective skills (thanks to the influence of her private eye father) that helped her solve the murder of one of her closest friends. It only ran for three seasons, but fans could not get enough. They eventually crowdfunded a Veronica Mars movie that released in 2014. Now, in 2018, fans are still clamoring for more of Veronica, and fortunately, it was recently reported that Hulu has plans to bring the series back for another season.

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That Hashtag Show released some information about new characters that will soon arrive in Veronica's world. The background information on these characters, though, could tease what this new season's story is all about. See the character breakdowns below.

MOHD AL-THANI - A recurring guest star who is a Middle Eastern or Asian man in his 50’s to 60’s.  Al-Thani is a wealthy, well-educated man who hires Mars Investigations to find the person responsible for disfiguring his son.  He solves all of his problems with money and fears the attack was a message for him.

LOLA AL-THANI - A recurring guest star who is a Middle Eastern or Asian woman in her 50’s to 60’s.  Lola Al-Thani is Mohd’s wife and like her husband is wealthy, well-educated, and entitled.  She also believes money can solve everything and that her son may have been attacked because of his parents.

ALIYAH GWINN - A recurring guest star who is an African-American woman in her 30’s to early 40’s.  Sexy but cynical, Aliyah owns a popular nightclub for Spring Breakers.  Veronica thinks the club is the connection to a series of Spring Break killings.

SHERIFF MARCIA LANGDON - A recurring guest star who is an African-American woman in her 50’s to 60’s.  Langdon has a tough reputation and finally cleaned out the corruption plaguing Neptune’s police department.  However, she is extremely ambitious and is eyeing a bigger and better job in LA County.  So, she plans on moving soon.

ALONZO LOZANO - A recurring guest star who is a man in his mid-30’s to mid-40’s.  Alonzo is a Mexican cartel hitman who comes to Neptune to find and kill the person who killed his boss’s wife’s nephew.  He finds love in the beach town and starts to rethink his career.

DODIE MENDOZA - A recurring guest star who is a man between 50 and 70 years old.  Mendoza is Alonzo’s partner and is looking forward to retirement.  Alonzo annoys him by not staying focused on the job.

HARVEY MOON - A recurring guest star who is a man in his 40’s.  A talkative pizza delivery guy who loves true crime.  Unlucky, but still easygoing, Harvey will take any fame he can get.

CLYDE PRICKETT - A recurring guest star who is a man between 40 and 60 years old.  Prickett is an ex-con that protected a rich real estate developer Big Dick Casablancas in prison.  Now, he is Big Dick’s fixer. But in reality, he is cleverer and more dangerous than his boss, with a network of ex-cons to do his dirty work.

The first two bios mention an attack that disfigures someone, which reveals a plot point in the new season. This attack is a case that Veronica will take, and it's likely that it will lead her to discover something even nastier in the town of Neptune, California. The bio for Aliyah also mentions Spring Break killings, which confirms previous rumors that the new season will have a serial killer. Then there's Alonzo, the member of the Mexican cartel, someone who is in town seeking revenge. It also seems that a plot point will involve Dick Casablancas, who is still in prison.

The Veronica Mars movie ended with Veronica taking over her father's private investigation business, so one thing fans know is that she will be around to take on these new adventures in Neptune. It's also likely that Enrico Colantoni, who plays Veronica's father Keith Mars, will return for the series. There is no word on the return of Logan (Jason William Dohring), who returned to active duty in the Navy at the end of the movie. It will be interesting to see where the new series picks up in relation to the film.

In the end, Marshmallows never say die, and Veronica Mars will never go away. And that's a good thing since another season of such a beloved show is what many fans want and need.

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Source: That Hashtag Show

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