Kristen Bell: Veronica Mars Revival Will Be More "Adult" Than Original Series

Veronica Mars

Kristen Bell has officially spoken out about the revival of Veronica Mars that's headed to Hulu, and she says audiences should be prepared for a more "adult" show. Bell's comments are her first since September 20, when she made a video announcement on her social media accounts telling fans that not only is there new content coming, but that the original three seasons and the Kickstarter-funded 2014 film will also be added to the streaming service sometime in summer 2019, ahead of the new season.

After Bell's announcement, series creator Rob Thomas chimed in with more details -- namely, who will be returning. Officially, Veronica's on-again, off-again boyfriend Logan (Jason Dohring), sometimes-ally Weevil (Francis Capra), and best friend Wallace (Percy Daggs III) will appear, as will Richard Casablancas (David Starzyk), father of Ryan Hansen's Dick and a white-collar criminal, who will evidently play a larger role this time around, as he only appeared in a few episodes of the original series. And of course, Bell herself, who has shared a little about what to expect.

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Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Bell said that Veronica Mars will be "a much more adult show" than it previously was. "The show will have grown with Veronica," she added. "It will also have grown with the fan base because, you know, it was on 15 years ago." She also noted how much TV has changed since the show went off the air in 2007, noting that it "will be a much bigger world cinematically."

In addition to the way in which things are filmed, Bell noted that there will be both old and new characters taking part in the 8-episode revival season. Prior to the official announcement, several character descriptions were released. They included a wealthy couple who enlist the help of Mars Investigations, a nightclub owner, a new sheriff, and two hitmen from the Mexican cartel. Those descriptions help shape the story that was described in the official synopsis provided by Hulu.

Regardless of the changes to come, Bell knows that the series is very important to its fans. While taking with ET, Bell also spoke about what it means to bring back such a beloved character, saying that "Veronica Mars more than any other project I have done has been one that has clung to people." Clearly, Bell knows that resurrecting Veronica comes with a responsibility to not disappoint the show's devoted fanbase. In the meantime, Bell can be seen on season 3 of The Good Place, which recently premiered on NBC.

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Source: Entertainment Tonight

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