10 Veronica Mars Quotes That We Can All relate To

When Veronica Mars first started out, the world was a lot simpler than today, and we didn’t stop to think about quite a lot of things the main character said. Now that life seems difficult and complicated, Veronica’s quotes have taken on a new meaning.

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Her reflections on the world were insightful, and most of her words hit very close to home now. As Season 4 of the series is set to begin, we can expect more wisdom from this sassy girl, but let’s first rewind to quotes we already know from Veronica, and see the ones we can most relate to.

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10 "Why do you insist on pissing me off?"

At a time when Veronica wasn’t feeling to be in any mood to come across slower people, she came across Kimmy, whose antics annoyed Veronica so much she simply asked to her face if she was looking to annoy her.

Who among us hasn’t had the odd day where we just don’t want to spell out every single word to get a simple job done? As exasperated as Veronica was in this episode, we can relate to feeling the same way when someone who’s not looking to irritate you ends up doing just that. And you know what? Just talking about it is starting to rile us up.

9 "I hope we're still friends after I taser you"

Veronica Mars’ trusty taser deserves a mention somewhere along this list, and we’re bringing it up earlier on. With her sardonic attitude, Veronica is prone to even threatening those closest to her to get the job done, and here she displays this part of her character.

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In the context of the real-world, people do feel this way as well when they know they’ve got something important to do and have someone standing in their way. Things might get ugly, but you gotta do what you gotta do, right? The best you can hope for is to salvage the friendship once you “taser” that person, although in Veronica’s case, the use of the taser is literal.

8 "You get tough. You get even"

Nowadays, motivational speakers like to tell us that when you’ve been wronged, the best course of action is to move on and look past what someone might have done to you. When it comes to Veronica Mars’ philosophy, though, you don’t just sit there and let the world attack you – you get even with it.

This is a totally relatable style of thinking, as being tough and gritty is what most of us would want to do when we’ve been done wrong. Forget what the motivational speakers tell you to do. Go out there and take charge of what you want. Remember, that’s how Veronica would do it.

7 "After All These Years, Do You Not Instinctively Fear Me?"

It’s remarkable how some people still kept on underestimating Veronica even after all she’d achieved over the years, so it was natural of her to ask this when she wasn’t being taken seriously again. Although this was said in a more friendly manner than a threat, there is a subtle hint that she’s perfectly capable of destroying a person if she wants to.

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This is how any person would feel after being taken lightly years after proving themselves on more than one occasion. You expect some instant apprehension from the person in front of you as respect for what you are very capable of doing. So yeah, fear is the appropriate word here.

6 "Oh, You Don't Even Want To Mess With Me On That Today" - Wallace

In a variation of the first quote mentioned, there are times when you are so certain of something, that you just don’t want to argue over it. On this occasion, it wasn’t Veronica who uttered this quote, but her best friend Wallace.

Wallace was having none of it that day, and gave a curt jab when being put up with an argument. Sometimes, it’s best to be straightforward when you know you’re not up to putting up with nonsense. In these instances, there’s just the one warning, before you’re ready to explode at the person who’s being too much of a wise guy. We feel you on this one, Wallace.

5 "You've nearly warmed this cold, cold heart of mine"

Does anyone expect a person to be totally cool while in jail? The idea is you’ll be scared out your mind to be behind bars, and do anything to get out – Not when you’re Veronica you won’t. The protagonist really was in jail in this episode, and was taking it like a complete champ.

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Instead of wallowing in fright, she struck a pose for Logan when he took out his cell to take a snap of this memorable moment. We all have that one friend who keeps their cool in even the worst kinds of situations, and one wonders if they’re even capable of warmth. Maybe like Veronica, there’s always a chance to thaw that cold, cold heart.

4 "You know what's really disturbing about you...other than everything?"

Sometimes, you just have to offer begrudging respect to a rival, and even if you don’t like admitting that, it needs to be said. Then again, no one said you have to be a total cookie-cutter about it, and the compliment can be hidden behind a thinly veiled insult.

This is what Veronica did to Vinnie, who was her competition, when she admitted he was a decent private investigator himself. Of course, she first insulted him by pointing out that everything about Vinnie was disturbing, so it’s not like she wanted to be best friends with him all of a sudden. But that’s how a true professional both mocks and praises the competition.

3 "You seem to care a bit what I think"

After Veronica Mars was ostracized from the group of her former friends, she became cynical and changed her entire attitude. This then led to her butting heads with classmates at school, who shunned her for this drastic change. In the Pilot, Caitlin mocked Veronica’s opinion by saying no one cares what she thinks anymore; Veronica hit back by pointing out that Caitlin does seem to care since she’s talking to her.

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In school, almost all of us faced this kind of treatment by the “cool” people, who loved to take shots at others by pretending to not care what they thought of them, but their attitude told the exact opposite. It’s better to just breeze past these people, just like Veronica did.

2 "Despite popular opinion you really can't beat the truth out of someone"

Veronica is almost always the cool and collected person, despite her words being threatening for the most part, and on this instance, she was playing the cool person once again. Logan was feeling particularly aggressive toward an eyewitness Veronica was going to chat up with, and she sensed he might be a bit too charged up. So, she pointed out that beating information out of someone does more harm than good.

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You’d be lying if you said you’ve never wanted to beat someone up to know something very important. When things get personal, it’s easy to want to raise fists, but ultimately, it’s the calm mind that wins the battle.

1 "98 out of 100 people at that party would walk over my corpse for free gum"

These are some dark words, but they’re some of the best life advice you can hope to realize. Veronica sure did understand that, when people don’t like you, they’re willing to bargain you away for even the most menial of things, and she knew that people at Shelley’s party would easily leave her without helping even if they saw her dead body.

Deep down, even if you don’t want to admit it, you’ve also felt the same way in a social gathering where everyone around you feels like an absolute stranger. In a moment like that, you just know no one would care if you disappeared; so it’s best to realize your situation and keep it real like Veronica did.

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