Veronica Mars: 5 Things That Had The Original Spark (& 5 Things That Were Missing)

Fan-favorite Veronica Mars finally returned for a Season 4. We were able to enjoy Season 4 after a long hiatus, which was somewhat amended by a kick-starter movie in 2014. Still, we waited to see if Logan and Veronica did indeed stay together and fulfill their epic love, if Veronica and her dad continued their detective work and close relationship, and if Veronica remained as smart and witty as before. We also wanted to see if our other favorite characters surfaced in another plot that made us an active audience as we tried to solve the crime along with Veronica.

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In some ways, Season 4 kept the original spark of the previous seasons (mainly Season 1 and Season 2), which turned so many viewers into fans. However, in other ways, Season 4 dropped the ball, leaving us a little disappointed.

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Veronica And Keith In Veronica Mars Season 4
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10 Had Original Spark: Father/Daughter Detective Chemistry

Veronica And Keith In Veronica Mars Season 4

The relationship between father and daughter remains strong and is at the forefront in the new season. Veronica and Keith work together as well as push each other to do better. They jokingly jab at each other and have a competition going throughout the season to see who can go the longest without saying a curse word. This provides for inside jokes between the two, allowing the viewers to feel like they are in the inside circle as well.

While certain things have changed in both of their lives, their deep connection and fierce love for each other has not. This alone makes us want to watch the season again. There aren't that many father/daughter duos in television that are as close, strong, or interesting as Veronica and Keith. We like that we see a lot of Keith, and we like that we see characters beyond Veronica display the level of respect and admiration that he deserves.

9 Was Missing: Solid Display of Wallace and Veronica's Friendship

While Wallace was in the season, he seems no more than a cameo. We see Logan and Veronica attend a party at his house where they complain about how his friends are yuppies and the worst. We also see Wallace working as a teacher. Overall, Wallace is underutilized. He used to be one of the characters that was both loyal to Veronica and questioned her. In addition, Veronica counted on Wallace for information and resources. The cameo just serves as a taste to remind us how much more we would like to see of Wallace and to learn about the continued development of their friendship.

8 Had Original Spark: Dick, Lovable, And Goofy

The fact that Dick is in the show, and that he is still friends with Logan, makes us happy. We see him excelling at his minor celebrity status by having fun and knowing how to work a crowd. Additionally, we see moments where Dick surprises us. He does have an understanding of business and how to keep the attention going strong. Season 4 was fairly serious, and it was nice that we had Dick to lighten the mood as he has done in previous seasons.

7 Was Missing: Limited Appearance of Other Friends

Others friends important to Veronica Mars were barely there or not present at all in the story. Where was Mac, one of Veronica's best friends? Why didn't we see more of Weevil? We know that they had a falling out, but that still doesn't explain how little of him that we saw. Both Mac and Weevil added extra to the Veronica Mars story, and without them more actively present, it felt like Veronica's social-sphere was incredibly small. Additionally, we would have loved to hear more about Duncan and learn what had happened with his storyline.

6 Had Original Spark: Veronica's Voice

Veronica felt in tone with her earlier voice. She remains highly intelligent but has a difficult time trusting people. Those who have been close to her for a few seasons know this about her, recognize it, and occasionally challenge her on it. Whereas a new friend of hers in Season 4 (the bar owner) drops her as a friend because of it.

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In addition, Veronica retains her humor and wit. On top of this, she has an extra layer of self-reflection which she didn't have in the early days. This makes sense now that she is older.

5 Was Missing: Focus on a Specific Victim

Veronica And Lilly Kane In A Veronica Mars Flashback

While Season 4 does mention the father of the motel as a victim, and he seems sympathetic, we don't get to really know him or the other victims. We don't learn much about the fiancee or the nephew. Season 1 was so good because the focus was on Lilly, Veronica's best friend, who was charismatic and charming. We cared for her, and just like Veronica, we wanted to see her death brought to justice. In Season 4, we aren't really able to know the many victims for this crime or feel for them beyond the cardboard characters of plot devices.

4 Had Original Spark: Weevil Saves the Day

Although we saw less of Weevil than we wanted to, Weevil does Veronica a solid when he goes to save her. In previous seasons, Weevil often stepped outside of his role with the gang to help protect Veronica. When Weevil learns from his sister that people are after Veronica, he rushes to her aid. Consequently, he also saves Keith. We're grateful that Weevil is still there for Veronica, even when they aren't on the best of terms. We're surprised that his sister doesn't know that Weevil and Veronica care about each other as friends. However, Weevil is known to keep secrets, and perhaps his friendship with Veronica is one of those secrets.

3 Was Missing: Logan and Veronica's Playfulness

While there are a few examples of their playfulness, the relationship comes across as more serious and dull. This is partly because Logan is different. Logan is working on his anger, but for some reason, this meant that both his wit and playfulness were muted as well. Logan seemed a shadow of himself, and we wished we saw a little bit of that original Logan.

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Out of all Veronica's friends and partners, Logan had been the only one that could both really hold his own in their banter, as well as challenge her. Unfortunately, this aspect of their relationship was muted, making their relationship come across as a dim echo of what it had been before.

2 Had Original Spark: Veronica and Leo's Relationship

Leo and Veronica respected each other and joked together. In addition, there was a heavy attraction between the two. In Season 4, they work together again. Since Leo is now FBI, he can still provide Veronica with extra resources. Additionally, he provides the resources willingly without the bribe of pizza. Veronica actually entertains the thought of being with Leo again. While we are glad that she didn't, we understand the temptation as Leo and Veronica have a history. Added to this, Keith likes and respects Leo since they once worked together, too. In the future, we could see Leo and Veronica try again.

1 Was Missing: Veronica Is Not the Outsider

In previous seasons, Veronica was an outsider to a popular crowd. While she had been accepted when Lilly was alive, she became an outsider after Lilly died. As an outsider, she didn't need to play by the popular crowd's rules and was able to make friends outside of the usual social sphere (i.e. Weevil). In Season 4, Veronica gets invited to parties. She is quickly befriended by the local bar owner, and she and Logan party long with the owner. It appears that Veronica is welcome and accepted anywhere, meaning that her outsider status is more a thing of memory than current day.

Season 4 did have us wanting more Veronica Mars as our minds wonder what more will come of her story. Additionally, we'd love to see the intricacies of her friends' lives (i.e. Mac), and how those friendships continue to evolve as she solves more crimes.

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