'Veronica Mars' Update: Growing Budget, Criticisms & Comic-Con Plans

There's no doubt that the Veronica Mars Kickstarter project has shaken things up in the land of dead or dying TV shows, inspiring numerous fanbases and showrunners to ponder the meaning of life after death and what their own crowdfund possibilities are. But through the parade of pondering, little time has been spent thinking about what the success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter means for... well, the Veronica Mars movie.

Speaking to THR, show creator and Kickstarter campaign fire-starter, Rob Thomas, touched on what it all means; including the shocking rapidity of his project's success, the ever growing budget and how it affects his ever-evolving script, and why Veronica Mars isn't hurting other Kickstarter projects.

In the interview, Thomas takes on the critics in a direct manner, saying:

I don’t think Veronica Mars is negatively affecting people that Kickstarter was built to serve, those people who are making $30-40,000 documentaries," Thomas defends. "I think what Veronica Mars has done is brought Kickstarter to the masses. More people are now familiar with Kickstarter, and more people are browsing Kickstarter for other projects, who now understand what it is and what it does than there were before we launched our campaign. I think we’re bringing more eyes to that site, so I think that has to be good for indie filmmakers.

With regard to what his film will be, Thomas said:

The movie is outlined, but frankly, I needed to know how we were doing to figure out how to model the script and how to write it. There are very specific things that are going to be affected by what our budget is," later adding ""There’s an altercation [at a high school reunion in the film], and how much money we raise affects whether that is having terse words exchanged or a full-on brawl," he adds. "One if we hit certain dollar amounts, and the less spectacular if we haven’t.

Thomas says that the flash success of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign made his phone "unusable" due to the flood of notifications, and he also goes on to talk about the ways he plans to inject some intimacy into the project and the film-making process in acknowledgement of the fans who have supported the project:

We were built by fans, so we’ll try to do our best to keep the momentum going through that," he says, promising an open shoot with plenty of tweets and photos transmitted to the Internet. "We’re hoping to go to Comic-Con, maybe have some footage to show at Comic-Con. We have a documentary following the making of the movie.

While the idea of a Marshmallow Hearts of Darkness sounds interesting, the swelling budget seems like the most important tidbit here.

Right now, the momentum has surely slowed, but this was to be expected. The project hit it's target of $2 million in about half a day, but in the five days since, they've only raised an additional $1.6 million. That's still impressive, but surely Thomas has a number, a number that has likely been upwardly mobile since the start of this whole thing, and that final number will ultimately define whether this counts as a moral victory for Veronica Mars fans or a true success story that shakes the trees.


With Thomas' promise of constant updates, there should be plenty of opportunities for us to update you on the status of the Veronica Mars project, so stay tuned.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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