'Veronica Mars' Movie: Watch the First Two Minutes

When Veronica Mars ended in 2007, fans were left with a confusing and unsatisfying finale that made them long for a feature film to tie up loose ends. Star Kristen Bell has been on board with the movie idea for years, even suggesting that she'd fund the film production  herself once upon a time.

Then, almost exactly one year ago, after lengthy negotiations with Warner Bros., Bell and creator Rob Thomas turned to Kickstarter to help raise the appropriate cash and prove to the head honchos at WB that the show's fansbase would come out in droves for the movie. They not only reached their goal, they managed to earn the requested $2 million in a little under ten hours, with a final tally of over $5 million.

Well, that movie is almost here, Marshmallows. With only two weeks left until the release date, you can now watch the opening two minutes of the most highly-anticipated (according to me) movie of 2014. The clip acts as a sort of opening credits sequence and an explainer for general audiences, with various shots from the series' three seasons and a voiceover from the more mature, modern-day Ms. Mars explaining her history as a teenage private eye.

Watch Veronica Mars First Two Minutes

Though Thomas has said that the film won't dredge up Veronica's old cases or go into a lot of her back-story, these first two minutes give us a definite rehash of that world. This little teaser honestly doesn't offer much for established fans (besides a refresher) as we've seen all of this before. But the nostalgia is heavy when it comes to Veronica Mars, and reliving these old scenes definitely amps up the excitement and provides a few squee-worthy moments.

It seems like this little opener is definitely more for the newcomers. It gives fresh audience members a look at the most instrumental moments of Veronica's young adult life as well as an introduction to the sarcastic tone of her calling card voiceovers. Hopefully, the newbies will be just as hooked as the established fans. After all, how else are we going to get any sequels?

What do you think of the clip? Have you bought your tickets yet? Let us know in the comments.


Veronica Mars hits theaters March 14, 2014.

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