Veronica Mars Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

Part Nancy Drew, part Dawson’s Creek noir, Veronica Mars was a breath of fresh air when it debuted on the now-defunct UPN in 2004. It ran for two seasons on the network before UPN and WB merged to create the CW, where the show had one more season.

The series followed the title character while she attended high school in Neptune, a small California town. At one time she was part of the in-crowd, but the murder of her best friend and her father’s fall from grace as the local Sherriff made her the target of harassment at school. While she moonlighted as an assistant to her private eye father, Veronica also had to survive the high school social scene.

With so many mysteries and criminal activity, fans would be quick to think Veronica Mars was full of Neptune residents that belonged in Slytherin - the Hogwarts house of the ambitious and sneaky. They wouldn’t be wrong. There are also plenty of Hufflepuffs (the loyal and hardworking), Ravenclaws (the logical and knowledge-seeking), and even a Gryffindor (the brave and the reckless).

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10 Wallace Fennel: Hufflepuff

The audience’s first glimpse of Wallace was a kid duct-taped to a flagpole. Veronica cut him down, and from that moment, a beautiful friendship was born.

That friendship gave the audience a hint at what Wallace’s Hogwarts house was destined to be: Hufflepuff. Wallace was always willing to do favors for Veronica, no matter how much trouble he could get in. How many permanent files did he “borrow” from the school’s administrative office for Veronica? The rest of us lost count.

Wallace also put his mother and his little brother first. He ran back into a house with a gas leak so they wouldn’t have to. Wallace also got Keith Mars to get rid of his mom’s troublesome tenant to keep his family safe.

9 Stosh Piznarski: Ravenclaw

Veronica Mars Piz Ravenclaw

Piz was pretty straightforward with his feelings and his actions when he joined Veronica Mars in season three. He wasn’t one of the people jumping into the mysteries or the fights. Those ideas rule him out as Slytherin or Gryffindor. His loyalty could land him in Hufflepuff, but his logical attitude leans more toward Ravenclaw - as does his encyclopedic knowledge of music.

Piz was one of the few characters introduced later in Veronica Mars who could keep up with Veronica’s wit. He wasn’t quite at her level when it came to working out mysteries, though he was pretty great at reading human behavior. Ravenclaw is the best fitting house.

8 Duncan Kane: Slytherin

Veronica Mars Duncan Slytherin

Compared to his peer group in the early episodes of the series, Duncan seemed like a good guy. He wasn’t bullying his classmates, and he wasn’t rubbing his status in anyone’s face. The difference was that Duncan, as Veronica later pointed out, spent his time “standing idly by” while everyone else performed horrific acts. That inaction showed Duncan’s desire to preserve his status, just like a true Slytherin.

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Duncan also was intent on covering up the events surrounding his sister’s murder - even though he didn’t know what they were. Gaps existed in his memory when he found her body, gaps made more likely as a result of his type of epilepsy and the antidepressants he took. When a hallucination of Lilly made him believe he might uncover more while off his meds, he promptly began taking them again. Duncan wanted to hide the truth (even from himself) to protect him from the fact that he might have killed his sister.

7 Lilly Kane: Hufflepuff

Veronica Mars Lilly Hufflepuff

Though the audience never got to see her in action in the present storyline, it was clear that Lilly Kane was the family wild child. Veronica’s memories of her made her sound like a master manipulator, but that wasn’t entirely true. Lilly was good at keeping secrets and going after what she wanted. Ultimately, her motivation was always her relationship with her best friend. Lilly was a surprising Hufflepuff.

Despite Veronica not being one of the rich kids, Lilly made sure she was never left out of the biggest parties. She supported Veronica when her boyfriend and his friends teased her. Lilly even protected her from secrets that could harm her, like Duncan believing Veronica was their half-sister. She didn’t betray her brother’s trust, and she also didn’t hurt Veronica with the information. Lilly did her best to do what she thought was right for both of them.

6 Weevil Navarro: Hufflepuff

Veronica Mars Weevil Hufflepuff

Another surprising Hufflepuff in Veronica Mars came in the form of Eli Navarro AKA Weevil. Weevil might have broken a lot of laws in his day, but he lived his life by a code. He protected those who helped him out. Weevil never went after those who couldn’t defend themselves - unless they were a snitch. Eli’s trouble-making ways came as a result of his loyalty to the PCH motorcycle gang and providing for his family. He still wanted to make his grandmother proud by graduating high school, and he even confessed to a crime he didn’t commit to keep his grandmother from out of jail.

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Weevil also kept Lilly’s secrets so her reputation wouldn’t be ruined, and refused to get Logan in trouble on multiple occasions, even though their relationship had never been the greatest.

5 Jackie Cook: Slytherin

Veronica Mars Jackie Slytherin

Before she was a Valkyrie or a member of the Men In Black, Tessa Thompson was the daughter of a Neptune baseball player. She played Jackie for season two of Veronica Mars.

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Jackie was a new addition to Neptune High. She moved to spend more time with her father. Veronica always suspected there was something fishy in her life even though the two became friends. The truth was that Jackie’s mother was a waitress in New York who had a one night stand with a famous baseball player. Jackie also had a son her mother was raising. Though Jackie wanted so badly to be more than just a waitress, she moved back to New York to raise her son and be there for her mother. She exhibited some serious Hufflepuff tendencies even though her scheming, social climbing, and pragmatic approach to life in Neptune make her a Slytherin.

4 Cindy Mackenzie: Ravenclaw

Veronica Mars Mac Ravenclaw

Mac was Neptune’s resident computer genius. She never met a system she couldn’t hack into. Could she be anything other than a Ravenclaw?

Mac went through some serious trauma over the course of the show. She discovered she was switched at birth with another infant. Her first serious boyfriend turned out to be psychotic. Mac just couldn’t catch a break. Like the people she remained close with (Veronica and Wallace) in the series though, Mac didn’t let her traumas stop her from searching for truth. She kept expanding her knowledge of technology and helping Veronica with difficult cases whenever she could.

3 Logan Echolls: Gryffindor

Veronica Mars Logan Gryffindor

Quick to jump to conclusions, reckless, and never met a fight he could just walk away from. That hot-tempered personality of Logan’s is a perfect fit for a Gryffindor who loves to be at the center of attention.

At first glance, Logan Echolls didn’t seem like a brave and noble guy. He constantly made fun of Veronica and used his rich kid status to get himself out of trouble. All of that attitude was a mask for his unhappiness. When push came to shove, Logan routinely tried to do what he thought was the right thing. He confessed to a prank to make sure Weevil didn’t get expelled, routinely covered for his friends, and assisted in investigations. As he and Veronica grew closer, he even saved her life a time or two.

2 Dick Casablancas: Hufflepuff

Veronica Mars Dick Hufflepuff

Dick Casablancas, like most of the 09ers, didn’t give the audience the best first impression. Like all the guys from the prestigious 90909 zip code, he relied on his privilege to escape any kind of trouble. He also participated in a lot of the bullying in Neptune High, which might be why it’s surprising to see him as a Hufflepuff.

Dick was the kind of guy who goes along with the crowd. If his friends were doing something stupid, he was right there in the thick of it. He only acted so horrible because so many of his friends did - not to mention his father. Most of his behavior was learned by the examples set for him. He did have one huge spot of loyalty. For Logan Echolls, Dick would do anything. He’s the one person that Dick could always count on, and who could always count on him. As Logan made a turn for the better, so did he. 

1 Veronica Mars: Ravenclaw

Veronica Mars Ravenclaw

Veronica exhibited a lot of Slytherin tendencies in the series. She could lie, scheme, and con with the best of them. Veronica also didn’t love being knocked to the bottom of the Neptune socioeconomic spectrum in the first season. Despite that, her work as a detective definitely sorts her into Ravenclaw.

Veronica absorbed information like a sponge and could logic out solutions like nobody else. History test the next morning, but need to investigate some leads in a murder investigation? Veronica could do it, no problem. Even when sleeping through her English class after a late-night of taking photos for a case, Veronica could still answer all the questions thrown at her. As someone who always had to know the truth, no matter how much digging it took to get to it, Veronica was definitely a Ravenclaw.


It’s true that sometimes the perception of the sorting hat can change over time. Perhaps some of these characters shouldn’t have been sorted into these particular Hogwarts houses, and we’ll find out in season four of Veronica Mars on Hulu.

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