Veronica Mars: Where Are They Now?

Veronica Mars - Kristen Bell on Stakeout

Veronica Mars was a beloved series that left television too soon, which was why the cast came back together in 2014 for the Veronica Mars movie. It was great to see the cast back together, even for a limited amount of time. Fans everywhere were relieved to see a final conclusion to Veronica’s story, since the show ended so abruptly.

Since its end, the actors of the series have gone in various different directions. A lot of them have been part of the television shows iZombie and Play It Again, Dick. The cast has managed to remain close with one another. That being said, some of Veronica's past stars have moved on to successful careers, while others have followed other paths.

We all know that Kristen Bell is one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses and isn’t going anywhere. There are a lot of other former actors of the show who also currently have solid acting careers. Not only that, but others have chosen completely unrelated careers to pursue outside of acting.

Either way, they’ve all gone on to do more, so here’s Veronica Mars: Where Are They Now?

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19 Amanda Seyfried (Lilly Kane)

Before she became a star, Amanda Seyfried had a reoccurring role as Lilly Kane on Veronica Mars. Only seen in flashbacks, Lilly was the main focus of Veronica Mars for the first season. She had been horribly murdered, and Veronica wanted to find out how and why.

Even throughout the show's run, Seyfried had been pretty busy. She acted in Mean Girls in 2004, which was when Veronica Mars started.

After her time as the murdered sister of Duncan Kane, she starred opposite Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia! She was also in the Nicholas Sparks’ film Dear John, before going on to play the beloved Cosette in Les Miserables. Additionally, she played in Ted 2 in 2015.

Seyfried shows no signs of stopping and has three new films coming out soon. She recently became a mom and is enjoying life with her daughter, famous dog, and husband, Thomas Sadoski.

18 Max Greenfield (Leo D’Amato)

Max Greenfield played Leo D'Amato, a sheriff’s deputy who becomes quite cozy with Veronica. He was cute, charming, and apparently too old for Veronica. Leo helped Veronica a few times, but he was never considered to be one of her main love interests. The two ended up meeting again in the Veronica Mars movie.

Greenfield became a familiar face when he joined the cast of New Girl, where he plays Schmidt, the pompous and overdramatic roommate who has a whole lot of emotional baggage. Yet he’s still a loveable character.

Greenfield has also been in other shows such as Greek and Ugly Betty. He’s been in a few movies too, including a small role in Oscar-winner The Big Short. You may also recognize his voice in Ice Age: Collision Coursewhere he portrayed Roger the dino-bird.

17 Krysten Ritter (Gia Goodman)

Gia Goodman never hesitated to tell people what was on her mind. She was open to new things, had the ability to fit in anywhere, and was rich thanks to her dad, who owned a baseball team. Unfortunately, Gia was shot in the Veronica Mars movie and that was that.

Gia was portrayed by Krysten Ritter who is now a very recognizable face in the acting world. Veronica Mars was one of her first major roles. Since then, she’s played Lucy on Gilmore Girls, Jane Margolis on Breaking Bad, and Chloe on the short-lived Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23. Currently, she stars as the lead character in the hit Netflix series Jessica Jones.

Expect to see a lot more of Ritter, as she’ll be in The Defenders as Jessica Jones later this summer.

16 Teddy Dunn (Duncan Kane)

Duncan Kane was Veronica’s first love interest and the brother of the murdered Lilly. Duncan was rich, but he wasn’t immune to problems. Duncan ended up taking the baby he had with his now-deceased ex-girlfriend Meg to Mexico, where presumedly lived out his days being a dad. It was a strange turn of events, but it didn’t matter, since fans knew he and Veronica weren’t meant to be together anyway.

Dunacn Kane was portrayed by Teddy Dunn. Dunn had a short-lived acting career. Once his storyline ended on Veronica Mars, Dunn appeared in only a few television shows and movies afterwards. He hasn’t had an acting credit since 2009.

In 2013, Dunn decided to go back to school and graduated with a doctorate law degree from Boston College. He became an associate at a law firm in New York City in 2014, and the rest is history.

15 Sam Huntington (Luke Haldeman)

Sam Huntington played Luke Haldeman, a baseball player and druggie who was involved in the whole Susan Knight overdose event. He had a major part in the Veronica Mars movie and was engaged to Gia, though it was more of a fake engagement. Luke needed to be able to cover up his homosexuality, so he used Gia as his “beard” in order to make it seem like he wasn’t gay.

Since his time on Veronica Mars, Huntington has been extremely busy. One of his most notable roles comes from his portrayal of Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns. He has also had reoccurring roles in a few television shows including Cavemen, Being Human, and Rosewood. He’ll star in the television movie Losing It later this year. He has been married to writer Rachel Klein since 2006.

14 Alona Tal (Meg Manning)

Meg Manning was one of the only “popular” girls who was nice to Veronica. She ended up dating Duncan and hated seeing Veronica and Duncan get too close. She was the only survivor of the bus accident. Barely alive, it was discovered that Meg is pregnant with Duncan's baby. Meg wasn’t in many episodes, but she sure did leave a lasting impression.

Alona Tal's portrayal of Meg Manning on Veronica Mars was her first major role. She was born in Herzliya, Israel and moved to New York City to pursue an entertainment career.

Once her character was written off, Tal continued to act. She’s been in multiple television shows including Supernatural, Burn Notice, Hostages, Cult, and Hand of God. She’s been married to fellow actor Marcos Ferraez since 2007 and recently had a daughter.

13 Daran Norris (Cliff McCormack)

Daran Norris has one of those faces that you just can’t forget. He’s a well-known actor who specializes in voice-over acting. On Veronica Mars, Norris played Cliff McCormack, a public defender who was somewhat close to the Mars family. He got Veronica out of a few jams and kept up with her witty, dry humor.

Norris is probably one of the busiest actors in Hollywood. While he was on Veronica Mars, he also played in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. You’ll also be able to recognize his voice on Codename: Kids Next Door, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Transformers Prime, Samurai Jack, and American Dad. These are just a few examples of shows he’s been a part of.

His most notable voice-over role would be that of Cosmo (and others) on The Fairly OddParents. You can physically see him on iZombie and Play It Again, Dick, keeping his Veronica Mars relationships intact.

12 Tessa Thompson (Jackie Cook)

Tessa Thompson played Jackie Cook on Veronica Mars. She was the daughter of a major baseball legend and wasn’t really sure where she fit in at Neptune High. Veronica and Jackie didn’t get along at first. Jackie had been dating Wallace, which added all sorts of drama into the mix. However, she and Veronica eventually became friends, but Jackie eventually had to go back to New York to be with her son.

Since her time on Veronica Mars, Thompson has been in some major heavy-hitters. She played Diane in Selma, Bianca in Creed, and portrayed Sam White in the original Dear White People movie. You might also recognize her as Charlotte Hale from Westworld.

Expect to also see her as Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok and potentially in Avengers: Infinity War.

11 Michael Muhney (Sheriff Don Lamb)

Sheriff Lamb was always after Veronica. He was one of the characters who just kept getting in her way. It even seemed like he was intimidated by Veronica. Either that, or he underestimated her too much. Veronica probably wouldn't have cared as much about Don Lamb if he hadn’t gone after her father, Keith Mars.

Sheriff Don Lamb was played by Michael Muhney. Since his time on the show, he’s been hanging out in the soap opera world. He played as Adam Newman in The Young and the Restless for five years. He’s also been in a few television movies, but he hasn’t done much more than that. He’s been married to Jaime Muhney since 2000 and it seems like he’s taken a laid back approach to acting these days.

10 Kyle Gallner (Cassidy “Beaver” Casablancas)

Cassidy “Beaver” Casablancas was just too much. He was unhappy with his life, but that doesn’t give him an excuse to get away with all the things he did. Not only did he rape Veronica, but he also blew up a bus, a plane, and tried to kill her. Beaver ends up killing himself, mostly due to Logan not being able to give him a reason as to why he shouldn’t do it. It was an unhappy ending, but fortunately the actor who portrayed him is alive and well.

Beaver was portrayed by Kyle Gallner, whose career has been scattered, with small roles across different shows. He’s appeared on The Shield, Smallville, and The Walking Dead. Like Tess Thompson, he also had a role in Dear White People.

His most recent role is Hasil on Outsiders, where his physical appearance contrasts vastly to Beaver during his Veronica Mars days. Gallner is married, has two sons, and has co-founded an independent production company with some friends called Minutehand Pictures.

9 Julie Gonzalo (Parker Lee)

Parker Lee was a character in Veronica Mars who ended up being Mac’s roommate at college. Parker's only purpose seemed to be to get in Veronica’s way and make Veronica’s personal life a total mess. It was hard to hate Parker, though, which is what made her character so frustrating to watch.

Since her time on Veronica Mars, Julie Gonzalo, who portrayed Parker, has been busy. Before she was on Veronica Mars, she was the mean popular girl in what seemed like every tween movie, including A Cinderella Story and Freaky Friday. She has a limited amount of acting credits, but she did star on Dallas after her time on Veronica Mars.

She’s also been in a few low-budget movies, such as How to Pick Your Second Husband First, which is coming out later this year.

8 Chris Lowell (Stosh “Piz” Piznarski)

Piz was the random boyfriend from college who was more typical than interesting. He had his own radio show and was a hit in the Mars household. Typically, the boyfriends who make a good impression on the screen are the most boring. This can certainly be said for Piz, who made an appearance in the Veronica Mars movie, but who Veronica ultimately didn’t end up with.

Piz was played by Chris Lowell, who went on to play William "Dell" Parker on Private Practice. He’s also been in some major movies, such as The Help and Up in the Air. His last credit was as Jeremy Graves in Graves, and he is set to co-star in Netflix's GLOW in 2017.

7 Ryan Hansen (Dick Casablancas)

Veronica hated Dick Casablancas, but it’s difficult to hate Ryan Hansen, the actor who played him on Veronica Mars. As one of the richest kids at Neptune High, Dick did everything wrong. He acted like he could get away with anything and it was downright annoying. The only upside was that he gave Veronica plenty of opportunities to provide witty comebacks.

One of the funniest things Hansen has been involved in was his show, Play It Again, Dick. It was a humorous show about Hansen trying to create a spinoff of Veronica Mars focused on Dick Casablancas.

Besides that, Hansen has been a regular on multiple television series including Friends with Benefits, Party Down, Bad Teacher, 2 Broke Girls, and Bad Judge. He’s also been in a few movies, such as Central Intelligence and G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Besides this, Hansen seems to enjoy guest starring on television shows as "that one goofy guy."

6 Tina Majorino (Cindy “Mac” Mackenzie)

There was a lot going on with Mac's character on Veronica Mars. She was switched at birth, close friends with Veronica, and a tech genius. She seemed to be always out of place, but she never failed to help Veronica when Veronica needed it. Mac had to deal with being roommates with Parker, her complete opposite. Mac was a lower-key character who was loved by many fans.

Mac was portrayed by Tina Majorino. Many fans might recognize her as Deb from Napoleon Dynamite. Once Veronica Mars ended, she appeared on countless television shows including The Deep End, Napoleon Dynamite (the television series), True Blood, Grey's Anatomy, and Legends with Sean Bean. She shows no signs of stopping and continues to act in film and television.

5 Francis Capra (Eli “Weevil” Navarro)

Eli “Weevil” Navarro showed up all the time in Veronica Mars. He was a main part of the cast and was in a majority of the episodes. Weevil was the leader of a biker gang, but fans always felt for him. His family was considered to be at the bottom of the barrel when it came to the class system in Neptune. Weevil had a conscience, which is why Veronica had an interest in him.

Francis Capra, who played the role of Weevil, hasn’t had an acting credit since 2014. Between his time on Veronica Mars, Capra had roles on Blue Bloods, The Strain, and Heroes. Capra had some struggles growing up: his dad was in jail for a good chunk of his life and then died in 2003, a year before Veronica Mars premiered. Capra has stayed out of the spotlight as of recently, now working on the production side.

4 Enrico Colantoni (Keith Mars)

Despite knowing that his daughter was doing some very dangerous things, Keith Mars always had that easy-going, dorky dad type of personality. He was a P.I. and a major influence on Veronica. When Veronica’s mom left, Keith knew he had to always be there for his daughter. Even when he messed up, his intentions were always good.

Keith Mars was played by Enrico Colantoni. Colantoni is a television actor through and through, and therefore shows up on television very often. Since his time on Veronica Mars, Colantoni has played in Flashpoint, The Kennedys, Remedy, Person of Interest, and will be on Bad Blood later this year. Colantoni also appeared in two episodes of season two of Rob Thomas' new show, iZombie, where he played Detective Lou Benedetto.

3 Percy Daggs III (Wallace Fennel)

Veronica’s partner in crime and confidant was Wallace Fennel. Portrayed by Percy Daggs III, Wallace was always there for Veronica, and wasn’t afraid to call her out when she was being selfish or too panicked. While a little slow when it came to the seriousness of P.I. work, Wallace always tried his best and never let his friend down (at least not on purpose).

Since his time on Veronica Mars, Daggs hasn’t been very active in the acting world. He’s recently acted in The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy and had a small part on iZombie. While he’s had a few other roles, he hasn't had too many since his time on Veronica Mars. According to his Twitter pages, he’s focused on his family and faith right now.

2 Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls)

Logan was Neptune’s resident bad boy, and the boyfriend of Lilly Kane before she died. He then dated Veronica, but of course things didn’t work out. It wasn’t until the movie that Logan and Veronica finally realized they were meant to be. He was at first mean to Veronica-- this was during the period where his parents were making things insane for him-- but Logan ended up turning out to be loveable.

Jason Dohring, who played Logan, continued to act after his time on Veronica Mars. He acted in the short-lived show Moonlight. He also has made appearances on Supernatural, CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationParty Down, and most recently, The Originals. He’s also been on iZombie. Showrunner Rob Thomas sure loves his old Veronica Mars cast.

1 Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars)

The most successful actor from the show, Kristen Bell, has since made a name for herself in Hollywood. Not only did she help get the support for the Veronica Mars movie, but she and her husband, fellow actor Dax Shepard, are a true power couple. Veronica was strong, independent, and full of mistakes. She was spunky, and it's clear that Kristen Bell isn't very different from her character.

Bell hasn't stopped since Veronica Mar's ending. Bell voiced Anna in Frozen and sang "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" perfectly. She’s also acted in major television shows including House of Lies and The Good Place. She was the voice of Gossip Girl on Gossip Girl and recently played in Bad Moms with Mila Kunis. In her spare time, she hangs out with her daughters, cries about sloths, and continues to sing Disney songs. She’ll be voicing Anna again in Frozen 2 *which will be out in 2019.


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