Veronica Mars: The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Couples

Veronica Mars became a cult hit when it debuted on The CW in 2004. The series was critically praised and it built a loyal fanbase over its short three-season run. The series followed the title character, Veronica Mars, as she navigated high school while also assisting her father at his private detective firm. Even though the show was performing moderately well, it was shockingly canceled after only three seasons.

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But it has had a resurgence in recent years with fans rallying around the show and donating enough money to get a film made. Furthermore, Hulu has ordered a Veronica Mars revival series on its platform that is set to premiere in July. Let's take a look back at some of the series' best and worst couples.

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10 WORST - Lianne and Keith

Lianne Reynolds did a number on both her former husband and her daughter. While married to Keith, Lianne cheated on him with her former high school sweetheart, Jake Kane. At one point, it was even unclear if Keith was really Veronica's biological father or if Jake Kane was. Veronica always maintained a hope that her mother would someday come back into her life but she was an alcoholic who refused to get help for a long time.

Veronica even used her college fund to help Lianne go to rehab but her mother didn't finish treatment. Years later, she sobered up and started a new life but her relationship with Keith brought nothing but misery to the man. The only good thing she gave him was Veronica.

9 BEST - Veronica and Leo

Out of all the relationships Veronica has had outside of Logan, her brief relationship with Deputy Leo was one of the most endearing. Their relationship wasn't heavy and dramatic as the majority of Veronica's other relationships. Instead, it was harmless and sweet while allowing Veronica to actually have a little bit of normal, teenage fun.

Leo has been a big asset to Veronica and Keith during the tenure of Veronica Mars. Even after they had broken up due to Veronica's burgeoning feelings for Logan, she and Leo were able to remain on good terms. He helped her retrieve evidence and solve cases on multiple occasions.

8 WORST - Veronica and Duncan

Initially, Veronica and Duncan appear to be the perfect couple. For a time they were known as one of the golden couples at Neptune. Duncan was the brother of Veronica's former best friend, Lily Kane. He was even best friends with Logan. But once Veronica Mars actually began, we started to see that their relationship was really messy. This culminated in a scene where Duncan was horrified to learn Veronica was his sister (we later learn this is false).

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Veronica and Duncan also slept together the night Veronica was drugged, they had both been drugged but Veronica thought Duncan was the one who assaulted her. Ultimately, she helps Duncan leave town with his child after the mother, Meg, dies. Their relationship was never a healthy one and too much happened between them for it to be considered a "good" relationship in any way.

7 BEST - Keith and Alicia

Keith and Alice Fennel were an example of a perfectly sweet couple on a show that had a lot of toxic pairings. Alice was Wallace's mother and had some issues with Veronica; nevertheless, she and Keith were a great match for one another. She was a much-needed reprieve for Keith after all he suffered while married to Lianne.

Unfortunately, they broke up. They did eventually reunite later in the show, only to break up again. Alas, it wasn't meant to be. Still, they were a strong couple while it lasted. Plus, how fun would it have been if we actually had gotten Wallace and Veronica as step-siblings?

6 WORST - Hannah and Logan

Hannah and Logan was always a strange relationship. For one, Hannah was clearly just there to get in the way of Veronica and Logan, but even if you weren't a diehard fan of the LoVe relationship, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who genuinely loved Hannah.

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For starters, she was two years younger than most of the main cast and the age gap shows because she was so innocent and naive. She also had a hard time trusting Logan due to his bad boy reputation. They had a rocky relationship regardless due to Hannah's father, who was trying to get Logan arrested. Eventually, her father catches Hannah with Logan and ships her off to boarding school.

5 BEST - Piz and Veronica

Piz and Veronica weren't a bad relationship by any means. Obviously, Piz isn't Logan so it was never going to make it to the finish line. For a while, Piz was what Veronica needed when she and Logan were on the outs. He was the perfect foil to Logan as a more sweet and safe prospect than Logan's bad boy ways.

Veronica and Piz dated while they were at college and, in the Veronica Mars movie, they had been together for years and even lived together in a New York apartment. Ultimately, they break up when Piz realizes Veronica can't resist the allure of the PI lifestyle or Logan.

4 WORST - Lily and Aaron

This relationship can hardly be considered a relationship given its extreme predatory nature. Aaron was a grown man and Lily Kane was only 16 years old when they began their affair. Not only was the age difference enough to make Aaron a statutory rapist, but he also filmed their sexual activities on camera because he's a total creep.

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Then, to make matters even worse, Aaron is the one who was ultimately responsible for killing Lily. He tried to kill Veronica too when she began to catch on to his predatory ways. Aaron trapped Veronica in a box while starting a fire. She only survived because her father arrived in time to save her.

3 BEST - Jackie and Wallace

There are mixed feelings in the fandom about the relationship between Jackie and Wallace but, at the end of the day, Jackie was Wallace's first serious girlfriend and she was played by the now super-famous, Tessa Thompson. There were far worse relationships on this show and Jackie and Wallace were harmless in comparison.

They had a lot of sweet moments together, even if they were never going to make it to the endgame. They initially met when Wallace agreed to help Jackie find out who hit her dad's Porsche. Their relationship ended when Jackie ended up leaving Neptune so she could take care of her two-year-old son, a son she had kept hidden from everyone so her mom could take care of her while Jackie got a fresh start.

2 WORST - Cassidy and Mac

Considering the dark truth about Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas, it can't be any surprise that his and Mac's relationship would rank as the worst one on the entire series. Cassidy was the younger brother of an infamous party boy, Dick Casablancas, and for a time, he was close friends with Logan Echolls.

In truth, Cassidy was the guy who raped Veronica at a party and gave her chlamydia. His relationship with Mac, Veronica's close friend and a hacker, was sweet at first before we knew the real Cassidy. When the truth came out about all the horrible things Cassidy has done, it painted his entire relationship with Mac in a horrible light.

1 BEST - Logan and Veronica

Anyone who has seen Veronica Mars and considered themselves a fan probably saw this coming. What other couple is anywhere near as iconic as Logan and Veronica? Perhaps one of the most popular quotes in the series is about Logan referring to their relationship as "epic," in a "spanning years and continents. Lives ruined and bloodshed. epic," sort of way.

At the beginning of the series, they hated each other but many of the best television relationships come from the enemies-to-lovers trope. Even though Logan and Veronica weren't together in the final episode of Veronica Mars, the film rectified that and we will likely see them together again in the upcoming Hulu series.

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