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When will The Venture Bros. season 8 release and what will it be about? The Venture Bros. first premiered on Adult Swim in 2003 and their first full season aired in 2004. In the 16 years since, there have only been seven seasons of the show, but even with the long periods between new seasons, The Venture Bros. has cultivated a devoted following.

This in part thanks to The Venture Bros.'s humor and cultural references, but also because of its detailed world and huge cast of characters. Initially imagined as a spoof on Johnny Quest and similar action cartoons of the 1960s/70s, The Venture Bros. has grown into its own vast universe of heroes, villains, and all those misfits who fall in between. With The Venture Bros. season 7, the series finally addresses some its most enduring mysteries, but in doing so, it creates even bigger questions for The Venture Bros. season 8 to answer.

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Most notably, season 7 explains the fate of Rusty's father, Jonas Venture and the truth of what happened all those years ago during movie night on Garguntau-1. These were callbacks to the show's very first season, rewarding fans with reveals they hadn't even been expecting. The Venture Bros. season 8 will similarly explore its characters' pasts, using the revelations of season 7 to shed some light on everything that's happened up until now. But when can fans expect The Venture Bros. season 8 to air and what, exactly, will it be about?

Why Do Venture Bros. Seasons Take So Long?

Why is there such a long wait between seasons of The Venture Bros.? The answer is pretty simply, really. The Venture Bros. is the brainchild of Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, and as such, the vast majority of the series is created entirely by them. Publick and Hammer develop and write every episode, and up until season 7, Publick was the sole director. The bulk of the animation (which is still hand-drawn) is done overseas, but the editing is, again, handled by Publick and Hammer. They also voice a sizable chunk of the cast themselves. Having The Venture Bros. largely produced but just two men is what necessitates the long wait between seasons, but neither they or their fans would want it any other way.

Venture Bros Season 8 Release Date Info

The Monarch in The Venture Bros eason 7

During San Diego Comic-Con 2018, Publick confirmed that work had already begun on The Venture Bros. season 8. However, The Venture Bros. averages about one season every two to three years, with the occasional special to help tide fans over between the long waits. This means it's likely to still be some time before season 8 hits the airwaves. Adult Swim also hasn't made any official announcements for when they expect to air The Venture Bros. season 8. Assuming, though, that The Venture Bros. sticks to its average pace of release, and with season 7 having aired in late 2018, the soonest season 8 could air would be 2020, with 2021 being an even safer bet.

Venture Bros. Season 8 Story Details

The Venture Bros. Season 7

The Venture Bros. season 7 wrapped up quite a few of the series' long-dangling plot threads, but at the same time, it created even more questions for season 8 to answer. The biggest of these is how will Rusty and The Monarch act towards each other now that they know they're brothers? The Venture Bros. has been hinting that the longtime nemeses are related for a while now, but season 7 confirms it, revealing that another pair of titular Venture brothers have been hiding in plain sight all along. The Venture Bros. season 8 is sure to explore the aftermath of this bombshell, but it must also deal with fallout between its original Venture brothers, Hank and Dean. After suffering a concussion, catching Dean with his girlfriend, and surviving a coma, Hank has gone on the run, last seen wearing his Batman mask. It's likely, then, that season 8 will have Dean searching for his lost brother while also exploring where it is Hank is going.

The Venture Bros. season 8 is also sure to get into The Monarch's new villain status, the ever-changing politics of the Guild of Calamitous Intent, and what it is they'll do next with Rusty's teleporter. Even more importantly, season 8 might be where the show actually reveals the identity of  Hank and Dean's mother. While in his coma, Hank learns from the Action Man that her name might be Bobbi Saint Simone, which really seems like hint that more will be explained soon. And then there's Scare Bear, the silent, machete-wielding figure in a bear costume - will The Venture Bros. season 8 explain who this is? We can only hope.

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