Venture Bros. Season 7 Premiere Will Shock & Thrill Longtime Fans

Venture Bros Season 7 Premiere Rusty Venture

Warning! Minor SPOILERS for The Venture Bros. season 7 premiere ahead!


Venture Bros. season 7 will finally premiere this Sunday, August 5, at midnight on Adult Swim. It's been two years since the series last aired new episodes, but longtime fans are accustomed to the wait, knowing that creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer are a tad obsessive when it comes to ensuring that every episode of The Venture Bros. is the best it can be.

And the wait for Venture Bros. season 7 certainly appears to have been worth it. The premiere, "The Venture Bros. & the Curse of the Haunted Problem", is an absolute riot, with morbid humor and deep callbacks as only The Venture Bros. can do them. The show's continuity is dense, but episodes like this one reward fans for sticking with it. The writing remains as snappy as ever, the characters just as ridiculous, and the animation is greatly improved. At seven seasons in twice as many years, The Venture Bros. continues to be one of the most clever, most convoluted cartoons on television, catering to a niche but devoted fanbase who appreciate the show's unique voice.

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While at San Diego Comic-Con last month, Screen Rant spoke with Publick about season 7's opening arc - a three-episode story that will resolve many of the plots still lingering from last season:

"Everybody is just kind of trying to find their identity. We’re still kind of dealing with the fallout and the development of everybody over what happened in season 6, the big changes in season 6. Everybody is kind of falling in to their places now and finding their paths."

Specifically, these first three episodes of season 7 will wrap up the Blue Morpho saga, but they will also address recent developments like Hank's relationship with Sirena - the daughter of Dr. Venture's newest archenemy, Wide Whale - as well as the shifting dynamics within the Guild of Calamitous Intent.

Venture Bros Season 7 Monarch Henchman 21 Dean Venture

Along with tying up loose ends from season 6, the first episode of The Venture Bros. season 7 cracks open the dense mythology of the series in exciting and unexpected ways:

"It’s a big story that unnecessarily goes to places you never expected it to... This three-part arc touches on stuff from our very first two episodes, touches on stuff from two seasons ago. For longtime fans, there are million little callbacks to tiny little things. Weirdly, a lot of them from season 1.”

These callbacks do run deep, and the cliffhanger ending to "The Ventures Bros. & the Curse of the Haunted Problem" is a shock which echoes all the way back to the series' second episode, "Careers in Science." In fact, the title for season 7, episode 3 - "Arrears in Science", the conclusion to this three-part saga and an episode that "overwrites Venture history" - is an obvious reference to that season 1 episode title (arrears being another word for debt). So season 7 is not only tying up loose ends, but it's digging into the show's dense history for even more mysteries to unravel.

Venture Bros Season 7 Premiere Brock Samson

The revelations made across these first three episodes of season 7 are sure to delight longtime fans, as will the inclusion of many fan-favorite characters from The Venture Bros.' insanely huge cast. However, Publick recognizes that previous seasons relied a bit too heavily on bringing in "funny supporting characters" when what they should have focused on was trying to "make Hank and Dean funnier." Season 6 began to correct this, with the boys each getting their own and often hilarious dilemmas, but season 7 makes a point of only bringing in supporting characters when necessary:

"Anybody who’s going to stick around, we have to make them count now. Resetting in New York was a way to do that, where like, ‘Okay, if we want Orpheus in this show, we got to bring him in for a reason.’ And White and Billy, we brought them in for a reason. We definitely wanted to get a lot of our favorite people back. We just didn’t want to be lazy, y’know?"

Dr. Orpheus and the Order of the Triad as well as Pete White and Billy Quizboy all make appearances in the season 7 premiere, but rather than being cheap or superfluous cameos, there are valid reasons for their involvement. The same can be said for the original Team Venture of Colonel Gentleman, The Action Man, and Kano, all of whom appear in "The Venture Bros. & the Curse of the Haunted Problem" for that crucial cliffhanger.

Venture Bros Season 7 Premiere Rusty Billy Pete

The Venture Bros. is a series that has grown far beyond its humble origin as a Johnny Quest parody, and it paved the way for many of today's adult cartoons, like Rick and Morty and Archer. Yet, Venture Bros. retains its cult status, partially because of the long breaks between seasons and the show's tightly wound mythology, but also because of its unique voice.

More than most animated programs, The Venture Bros. is very much the brain-child of its creators, and in letting Publick and Hammer diligently tell their strangely compelling and hilarious take on what happens when boy adventurers grow up and become cranky, middle-aged losers, they've earned a passionate following. The Venture Bros. aims to reward those longtime fans, delivering a season 7 premiere that's sure to shock and thrill fans who were patient enough to stick with it all these years.

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The Venture Bros. season 7 premieres Sunday, August 5, on Adult Swim.

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