The Venture Bros Season 7 Finale: 10 Biggest Questions For Season 8

WARNING: Spoilers For Venture Bros. Season 7 ahead!

Where can The Venture Bros go in season 8? With "The Saphrax Protocol" The Venture Bros. has ended its seventh season and left its fans with more questions than answers, along with numerous cliffhangers. This seems an oddly fitting bookend, given that the season opened with a three-part story that unexpectedly resolved many of the show's biggest mysteries, such as whatever happened to Jonas Venture Sr. and the original Blue Morpho. Yet even apart from the events of the finale, there are still a number of storylines from season 7 that await resolution.

This complexity is par for the course for The Venture Bros. While the series started as a straight-forward satire of boys' adventure fiction in general (and Johnny Quest and The Hardy Boys in specific), it has developed a mythology as detailed as the Marvel Comics universe it frequently parodies. Such is the level of care creators Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick have put into developing the series, which is as famous for the long delays between seasons (the result of Hammer and Publick handling every aspect of the show, including animation, in house) as it is for its intricately crafted world.

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Here are some of the biggest questions fans have after "The Sephrax Protocol" as well as some other questions raised earlier in The Venture Bros. season 7. Though some of these may seem to have been resolved, not everything may be as it seems - a truism that is particularly true in the world of The Venture Bros.

What Is Sheila's Status In The Guild?

Venture Bros Sheila Doctor Mrs The Monarch

Sheila has worn many hats and many costumes since joining The Guild of Calamitous Intent, but she's always been proudest of her role as Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, despite the unwieldy name. Her marriage to The Monarch has suffered, however, since her promotion to a command position as part of The Council of 13 that rules The Guild. The responsibilities of her new job left her with no time to join him in his villainous scheming and barely any time to be supportive of his work as a spouse.

Though things did get better between the two career villains in The Venture Bros. season 7, the episode "The Terminus Mandate" introduced a game changer for The Council of 13. While reading through The Guild's bylaws, Sheila discovered a long-neglected statute which stated that any supervillain wishing to take on a leadership role in The Guild's command structure had to retire from active villainy and give up any claim on an official arch-nemesis. This meant that if Sheila was to continue in her current position, she would have to give up any chance of ever being able to work alongside her husband in the field ever again.

This led to the council members being given a "last hurrah" before making their decision - one night to menace their respective arch-enemies one final time. When The Council of 13 next met, most of its membership swore an oath to forsake their former "arches" in favor of helping to facilitate the hatred of others. "The Terminus Mandate" ended before a clearly hesitant Sheila could state her decision one way or the other. Though Sheila was later among The Council leaders organizing The Monarch's trial to prove his worth as a Level 10 villain in "The Sephrax Protocol" we still don't know for certain that she decided to swear the oath.

Is The Peril Partnership/GCI War Over?

Venture Bros Blind Rage Red Death Doctor Mrs The Monarch

One of the major plots of Venture Bros. season 7 involved a brewing conflict between The Guild of Calamitous Intent and the Canadian supervillain union known as The Peril Partnership. Several episodes centered upon the search for a PP mole within The Guild and the revelation that Councilman Wide Wale has been paying off The Peril Partnership in order to limit their attempts to push into his territory in New York City. The penultimate episode of the season, "The Forecast Manufacturer", saw The Monarch and Henchman 21 being dispatched to deal with The Creep, a costumed villain who was said to be leading a rogue faction of The Peril Partnership.

Though the threat of The Creep was ended, it is unclear if it was this rogue faction that was responsible for the breaking of the peace between The Guild and The Peril Partnership or if the main body of The Peril Partnership was aware of what was going on. It's also unclear if the real mole was captured or if there might still be someone within The Guild working to undermine it to help The Peril Partnership out in Venture Bros. season 8.

Is Wide Wale The Peril Partnership's Real Mole?

Venture Bros Wide Wale

Inspired in equal parts by The Kingpin from Daredevil and Tobias Whale from Black Lightning, the crime boss Wide Wale was introduced into the world of The Venture Bros at the start of season 6. One of the most respected villains in New York City, he agreed to take a position on The Council of 13 and help to lure more independent villains into joining The Guild in exchange for the exclusive arch-enemy rights to Doctor Rusty Venture. Shockingly, he seemed to give up both without much of a fight in "The Terminus Mandate" where he refused to take the oath to give up his role as an active villain. He did, however, agree to consider a special role as an ambassador, saying that while he couldn't be part of The Guild's ruling council, "I ain't goin' nowhere."

Given that it was Wide Wale who started the conflict with The Peril Partnership by sending them pay-outs and stopping them, some wonder if Wide Wale might be the true mole within The Guild. Keeping himself in a position of respect where he didn't have any real responsibilities would be a good way to keep his webbed-hands clean in any coming conflicts. And while Wide Wale may largely keep to the rules of respect that govern classic gangsters, he hasn't shown any hesitation to press any advantage he can get in a business negotiation. And negotiating a better deal with The Peril Partnership may ultimately be "just business."

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