With the success of Spider-Man: Homecoming, it looks like the character has finally managed to shake off that infamous Peter Parker luck.

Sony had been seeing diminishing returns on its Spider-Man movies for years, but allowing Spidey to play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has given the character a vital boost back to superstar status. And Sony, hoping to leverage this popularity, has now announced a solo Venom movie starring the bane of heroes everywhere, Tom Hardy.

Interestingly, the Venom movie will be focusing on the character as a kind of hero, one who tackles frightening characters such as Carnage. Furthermore, weird rights issues between Sony and Marvel have left it uncertain as to whether Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will even appear in the Venom movie.

This is truly heartbreaking for fans, as Venom has served as Spider-Man’s ultimate foe for decades in the comics. He is the original “dark mirror” character, offering chaos and death as a counterpoint to Spider-Man fighting for order and to save lives. It’s possible that Sony is trying to rehabilitate the Venom character for their movie, but the terrible things this character has done to Peter Parker can’t be erased.

Don’t believe us? Just read our handy guide to the 15 Worst Things Venom Has Done To Spider-Man.

15. Pushed Peter Parker in front of a subway

Spider Man Venom Pushes Peter in front of Train 15 Worst Things Venom Has Done To Spider Man

One of the worst things Venom ever did to Peter Parker also happened to be the world’s first glimpse of Venom, although nobody knew it at the time. He did not appear in his familiar, monstrous black form, nor did we see the ultra-buff body of Eddie Brock. Instead, all we saw was his arm as he pushed Peter Parker in front of an oncoming subway train!

In terms of Peter Parker’s many brushes with death, this may not have seemed like a huge deal at first. Peter manages to survive by jumping out of the way with his enhanced reflexes, and some concerned bystanders are able to pull him up.

What really leaves Spider-Man shaken about this experience was that it was the first time he was facing lethal danger without his spider-sense going off! Without this key advantage, Spider-Man is often at a disadvantage when fighting Venom.

14. Cancels his Spider-Sense

Spider Man Venom Cancels Spider Sense 15 Worst Things Venom Has Done To Spider Man

The reason that Venom is able to cancel Spider-Man’s special spider-sense is pretty straightforward: the symbiote was bonded to Peter Parker before it was ever bonded to Eddie Brock.

This means that Eddie has access to special knowledge – such as Spider-Man’s true identity as well as the special powers that the suit once gave Peter. Venom is effectively cloaked from Peter’s spider-sense, and considering that Spidey uses that in all of his battles, this is a big deal.

Venom effectively cancels out Peter’s spider-sense in every encounter. He does it when pushing Peter in front of a train, and he does it again when he tries to grab Spider-Man through a window. One of the scariest times, though, was when Venom kidnapped Peter and brought him to an island so that he could hunt him. Peter could never sense where Venom was except by seeing him, and Venom made this worse by using his suit to camouflage himself into everything from forests to water.

This made Venom the perfect invisible killer!