Venom Will Include Scenes Set in Asia

Sony's upcoming Venom movie will feature scenes set in Asia, a new casting call has revealed. Zombieland’s Ruben Fleischer is directing this Marvel Comics adaptation for Sony, with Tom Hardy in the title role as Venom (aka Eddie Brock, a photographer that bonds with an alien symbiote). Fans recently learned that Hardy’s performance in the movie is set to include motion capture work.

Hardy – who has the support of Venom’s comic book creator, Todd McFarlane – could well be facing off against other symbiote characters in the Venom film, according to a recent rumor. Whoever it is that Hardy ends up fighting in the film, the first entry in Sony's Marvel Universe, Venom's action quotient is expected to be epic: the stunt coordinators of John Wick, Captain America: Civil War, Logan and Baby Driver boarded the project a few months ago.

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Production on Venom is now officially underway, and it looks like there will be scenes set (not filmed) in Asia in the movie. IGN and Omega Underground writer Christopher M broke the news on Twitter, noting that a casting call has gone out for "villagers without modern haircuts":

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