Venom Set Video: Eddie Brock Fights For Control Over Symbiote

Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock battles for control in a new set video from Venom. Sony's plans to launch a comic book cinematic universe of their own starts next year with Ruben Fleischer at the helm. The move comes after a successful reboot of Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But, by joining a larger universe, any side projects are not the top concern for Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios. Sony decided to move forward with plans all their own and make a universe separate (or adjunct to potentially) the MCU.

Venom will kick this off and the studio snagging Hardy at the start made a statement given his rather particular pattern of choosing projects. He's not alone in bringing the anti-hero to life, but he will portray both sides of the character. This will include some motion capture for him, which could pit Hardy against himself. Such a battle for control is now on display.

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Backgrid shared a new video from the set of Venom showing the struggle Hardy's character will endure. The description of the video teases the symbiote fighting for control following a visit to the doctor. As made evident by the following video, the fight for control will be visibly shown. Not only did the video surface, but Just Jared also released photos - which you can also find below.


Based on the video and the photos, it will be a grueling task for Brock to stay in control. Hardy's talents as an actor are on display here, with the intensity further proving how good his casting is. For the purposes of the movie, viewers should get to see the inner or mental turmoil this constant battle takes. But, it is also shown here that it could treat Eddie as someone with multiple personalities. Hardy's shown the ability to play dual roles before in Legend, so maybe Venom will also bring two versions of the actor to the screen - depending on how they handle this conflict.

Information on Venom picked up recently thanks to continuing coverage from the set. Some of the more recent set photos showed Hardy battling Tom Haze (who isn't Carnage apparently), while also teasing a motorcycle stunt. Woody Harrelson also joined the cast recently, and Michelle Williams confirmed she is playing Anne Weying. As production continues on for the next few months, this won't be the last we see of Venom. Now if only we could get a look at the symbiote form itself.

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Source: Backgrid; Just Jared

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