Venom & Ultron Are Also Villains in MARVEL Powers United VR

Marvel and Oculus VR are just weeks away from releasing Marvel Powers United VR and last week revealed the eighth playable character, Black Panther. As we've learned since though, there will also be a few more villains joining the roster of opponents

Today we can share details on Venom and Ultron - the two latest characters joining Marvel Powers United VR! So far, many of the character announcements have rolled out alongside tie-ins for promotion (Thor for Thor: Ragnarok, Blackbolt and Crystal for the Inhumans television series, etc.) but today's announcement looks back and forward. Ultron of course made his big screen debut in Joss Whedon's 2015 Avengers sequel, Age of Ultron, but Venom gets his solo movie debut from Sony this fall.

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From previous trailers we've seen the heroes battling Kree centurions and Ronan the Accuser, but now we know that other iconic Marvel Comics villains will be in the game too. Does this mean we could see an army of Ultrons or more symbiotes?

What We Know About Venom in MARVEL Powers United VR

The creature known as Venom is the convergence of two beings who share a fierce hatred of Spider-Man: disgruntled journalist Eddie Brock, and a spurned alien symbiote. Bonded and fused at the molecular level, Venom possesses incredible new strength and abilities as well as knowledge of Spider-Man’s true identity. He is driven by an insatiable hunger to destroy Spider-Man and those who follow him.

What We Know About Ultron in MARVEL Powers United VR

Though the creation known as Ultron was created with the best of intentions, no one could have predicted that the sentient robot would rebel, becoming a threat to all humanity. After being driven off into the far reaches of the cosmos by the Avengers and their allies, it was believed Ultron had been destroyed. However, his frayed consciousness persisted until he came into contact with a techno-organic alien race which assisted him in unifying his fragmented consciousness back into focus and into a new upgraded body. Ultron has targeted Earth and its mighty heroes once again, but this time he is coming prepared with new powers, abilities and strong allies.

And that's not all. Stay tuned for more character and location reveals in the coming weeks as we approach the end-of-the-month release date of MARVEL Powers United VR.

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MARVEL Powers United VR releases July 26, 2018 for $39.99.

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