Venom TV Spot Reveals How The Symbiotes Arrive On Earth

Venom - Eddie and the symbiote

A new TV spot for Venom shows a spaceship heading towards Earth, revealing how the symbiotes arrive on our world. Directed by Ruben Fleischer, the movie stars Tom Hardy as journalist Eddie Brock, whose investigation into unethical experiments at the Life Foundation leads to him picking up a violent parasite from outer space. Together, Eddie and the symbiote become a powerful and toothy monster called Venom.

One of the major challenges of adapting Venom into an entirely standalone movie is the fact that Venom's comic book origins are strongly tied to Spider-Man. In the comics, it was Spider-Man who discovered the symbiote while on an off-planet jaunt, and it was Peter Parker's rejection of the suit that caused it to seek out and attach itself to Eddie Brock, bonding over their shared loathing of Spider-Man. Since Spider-Man is currently tied up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the movie version of Venom needs a new origin story.

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Based on the trailers, it looks like that origin story involves the symbiotes crashing on Earth and being discovered by the Life Foundation, with the symbiote then latching onto Eddie during his investigation. In the new TV spot a spaceship can be seen flying towards Earth, while earlier trailers showed the same spaceship after having crash-landed in China. The TV spot also includes a few other clips that we haven't seen before, like a shot of Venom rapidly scaling a building. Check it out below:

The symbiotes' planet of origin was only revealed in the comics very recently (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 #23), when the Guardians found their ship hijacked by a symbiote who flew them to its home planet. Rather than trying to kill them, however, the symbiotes explained that they are not an inherently aggressive race. They revealed that they are called the Klyntar (their planet is also called Klyntar), and that while they ultimately strive for make "a great society," symbiotes who attach themselves to unstable hosts often become monstrous instead.

It will be interesting to see if Venom chooses to incorporate this piece of comic book lore. From what we've seen so far, Hardy's Eddie Brock doesn't seem to be consumed by hatred and bitterness like the character in the comics, and instead tries to prevent the symbiote from hurting people. It's possible that the symbiote becomes corrupted or traumatized by the Life Foundation's experiments, or that it attached itself to an unstable host before bonding with Eddie.

Then again, perhaps in this universe Venom is just an evil alien.

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