Venom TV Spot Reveals Lots Of New Footage Of The Symbiote

A brand new Venom TV spot offers fans several new looks at the symbiote. Tom Hardy stars as the titular character, Eddie Brock, who accidentally becomes the  host of one of the five symbiotes that arrive on Earth thanks to a space probe by Life Foundation. Directed by Ruben Fleischer, the film boasts a star-studded cast including Michelle Williams (Ann Weying) and Riz Ahmed (Carlton Drake). The project will begin Sony's own cinematic universe focusing on Spider-Man's tie-in characters.

Rather than the nabbing an R-rating, which a lot of people were hoping it would get, Venom is reportedly going to be PG-13 to the dismay of a lot of fans, especially considering what the public has seen from the film's trailers. But rumor has it that Sony wanted the film to remain family-friendly to make a potential crossover with MCU's Peter Parker/Spider-Man doable in the future. While that remains to be up in the air, with no concrete indication that it'll happen moving forward, Venom is being marketed as a standalone movie.

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The brand new spot released by Sony (via Jurassic Galaxy) mixes previously seen and fresh footage from Venom. Despite its short 30-second runtime, it revealed several new looks at the symbiote. Fans dig the clip, most of them lauding its CGI. Considering that the film will hit theaters in about two weeks, it's a relief to know that VFX work on the film appears to be already polished. Check out the video below:

It can be remembered that Venom's marketing didn't exactly start on the right note. The film's first teaser trailer released earlier this year was met with criticisms mainly due to its lack of the symbiote, which was what people were looking most forward to. Instead, it focused on Brock as he went with his day-to-day life as a reporter based in San Francisco. The clip didn't really reveal anything significant that would have piqued the interest of the public, which only made things worse considering that at that time, people were still very skeptical of the idea of a Venom film without Spider-Man.

Fortunately, it seems like Sony has finally found the perfect way to market the movie starting with the well-received trailer released at San Diego Comic-Con. A trimmed down version of it eventually made its way online and convinced a lot of people to give the movie a fair chance. Since then, several spots have been rolled out but as previously mentioned, this latest one appears to be fans' favorite thus far. A dedicated social media page called Eddie's Clubhouse also regularly provides updates about the film, although following its first few weeks of being active, its activity started to wane down.

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Source: Sony (via Jurassic Galaxy)

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