Tom Hardy was spotted filming a fight scene for Venom with Scott Haze, but the latter isn’t Carnage. Sony is positioning one of Marvel’s most popular antiheroes as the cornerstone of their superhero universe. Sony has been looking to start a cinematic universe of their own for years, and continues to do so despite their most recent success, Spider-Man: Homecoming. With a star like Hardy in the leading role, Sony is hoping to capitalize on the craving for more R-rated superhero content.

The project quickly came together over the course of this year, and filming is currently underway. One of the biggest questions surrounding the film is who will play Carnage, another symbiote previously confirmed to be included. Once Scott Haze joined the cast, many thought he could fit the mold. Now, with the two actors spotted fighting on set, Haze reportedly won’t be a host to that symbiote.

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Just Jared shared new set photos from Venom of Tom Hardy and Scott Haze filming a fight scene. If there is a presence of a symbiote, it isn’t seen in these photos and would only come from Hardy. The Wrap‘s Umberto Gonzalez is reporting Haze isn’t playing Carnage, so these pictures are not the beginning of a Venom/Carnage fight. Instead, Hardy’s Eddie Brock is sticking to more traditional fighting.

The set photos would be more exciting if Haze’s character eventually debuted a symbiote suit of his own. Instead, the mystery surrounding the identity of Haze’s character continues, as well as several other roles. Since he isn’t Carnage, the significance of this fight in the movie could be minimal depending on Haze’s role. He could just be a henchman trying to stop Brock, or he could suit up in a different fashion if he fits into the ‘Lethal Protector’ arc.

Now that Haze is removed from the list of actors who could possibly play Carnage, there aren’t many more options. Upon the initial announcement of his casting, reports of Riz Ahmed playing Carnage surfaced. Different sources later denied that he is playing Cletus Kasady, leaving the question unanswered again. This could add further credence to the possibility of Woody Harrelson playing the villain. He is a late addition to the cast, a bigger name, and has the necessary range to play the part. Considering any role outside of Hardy’s hasn’t been confirmed, it may not be until the marketing kicks in that official information on Venom is released.

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Source: Just JaredUmberto Gonzalez

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