Tom Hardy’s Venom Design Has Not Been Revealed [Updated]

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[UPDATE: Sony has now confirmed that these are not official Venom molds.]


The design for Tom Hardy's titular symbiote in Venom may have been revealed through concept art for the upcoming Eddie Brock solo movie. After Sony Pictures failed to launch their own shared superhero universe with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the studio struck a deal with Marvel Studios to bring Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Holland's Peter Parker debuted last year in Captain America: Civil War, and received his first solo film in Spider-Man Homecoming, which has already been granted a sequel.

Still, Sony wanted to continue to put their Marvel Comics characters to good use, and gave the green light to Ruben Fleischer's Venom starring Tom Hardy. Since then, Sony has also greenlit Silver and Black, directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, and put a Morbius the Living Vampire movie into development. However, Venom will be the first of the studio's Spider-Man offshoot films to hit theaters, and as such, it's currently filming. While we've seen glimpses of Hardy on the set of Venom, we've yet to see him in any kind of costume for the symbiote - or motion capture gear for the role. But art for Venom may offer our first idea of what the symbiote will look like in live-action.

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Artist Mikkel Frandsen, who uploaded some photos of a sculpture he did of Venom to his online portfolio, may have revealed a basis for what fans can expect from Sony's film. Though only of the head, neck and part of the chest, the creature sculpture depicts a startlingly realistic and detailed rendering of Venom. Frandsen uploaded some photos to the Instagram of his company, Creature Monster, take a look:

Now, it should be noted that Frandsen lists "Unannounced Title (2018)" on his website as a project on which he worked during 2017, which could be confirmation that this Venom sculpture was done in prep for Sony's 2018 film. However, what's curious is that Frandsen includes copyright attributions on his three Instagram photos to Marvel Studios (well, two to Marvel Studios and one to simply Marvel). While that could be the case of Frandsen simply attributing the character to the company that created it - or a mistake - it also may be an indication that this Venom sculpture was done for some other project. Since Sony retains the character's live-action film rights, though, it's unclear what other project that could be.

It's entirely possible that Frandsen's Venom piece and the mysterious 2018 project on his resume indicate this is an early design for Hardy's symbiote. It's certainly very close to the comic book version of the character in terms of style, and the timing of Frandsen's project seems like too much of a coincidence. We know that Hardy is doing motion capture for Venom, but it's unclear if the symbiote will be entirely digitally created or, as this sculpture may hint, only his neck and head will be built with CGI. As such, this sculpture may be put to use as concept art for the film's digital artists, but that remains to be seen.

Screen Rant's own Stephen Colbert added some color to the photos of Frandsen's sculpture that gives the images a more comics-accurate appearance. Take a look:

As filming continues on Venom, and we see more glimpses of Hardy on set, it's possible we'll learn more about how the upcoming movie plans to bring the symbiote to life. Or, Sony may try to keep as tight a lid as possible on the project. Thankfully, with less than 10 months until Venom is due in theaters, it may not be too long before we get an official look at the film and its titular antihero.

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Source: Mikkel Frandsen

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