Will Miles Morales Be Spider-Man in Venom's Universe?

Warning: SPOILERS for Venom

The Venom movie may have disappointed fans hoping to see Spider-Man make an appearance, but there may be a good reason for Peter Parker's absence. The more Sony reveals plans for their own Venom-led universe... the more it seems like its version of Spider-Man may already have been killed.

Strange as it may sound, there really is evidence to support the theory that Peter Parker died long before Venom begins. But even stranger is the fact that given how little Marvel seems to care about Venom crossing over with Spider-Man and the MCU, building a movie universe with a dead Spidey night actually be the best idea. Especially since it opens the door for Sony to debut a Spider-Man of their own. One a bit more... Ultimate.

Spider-Man's Already Dead in Venom's World

There are practical reasons for telling a Venom movie that ignores Spider-Man, the most important being Marvel's apparent disinterest in backing a film starring Eddie Brock that's as incorporated into the MCU as Spider-Man: Homecoming. And to be honest, the writing needed to remove Spider-Man from Venom's origin story is minimal: Eddie stumbled onto the Venom symbiote after Peter Parker... so just have Eddie stumble on it first. The result isn't just an easy fix, but as we've explained already, removing Spider-Man from Venom's origin is better than trying to make Eddie his own character after the fact - a lesson learned by Marvel Comics.

But that only establishes that in Venom's continuity, Spider-Man isn't required to appear. There is other evidence in the film suggesting that Peter Parker no longer exists in Venom's universe. At least not in the way that he should.

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By now most fans will have noticed that the one survivor of the Life Foundation shuttle crash is referred to as "Jameson," an overt nod to J. Jonah Jameson's astronaut son John from the comics. But the moment is more than one of the many Spider-Man Easter Eggs in Venom - but a major hint that the webslinger is missing from this story. You see, John Jameson was introduced as an astronaut back in Amazing Spider-Man #1 experiencing a similar crash - until Spider-Man showed up to save him. Several different stories have adapted the same plot as tribute, whether it's Spider-Man battling Rhino robbing the shuttle, or John being infected with an alien parasite (just like in Venom) and having Spider-Man show up to save him. Which makes the callout, and the lack of Spider-Man in this version of the story a conscious choice.

Kraven The Hunter's Movie Sees Spider-Man Killed

Kraven the Hunter best Spider-Man foe

The real smoking gun (pun intended) that suggests Spider-Man may not just be absent from Sony's movie universe, but has actually been removed from it by force is the Kraven The Hunter movie also in development. The titular villain is well known to Spider-Man fans, originally planned to appear as one of the Sinister Six teaming up to take down Spidey in their own movie. But that was before Marvel's deal, and the sudden sense that Spider-Man wouldn't be "allowed" to appear in films not produced by Marvel Studios.

That alone made a movie starring Kraven The Hunter an enigma, since the one story he's best known for stars Spider-Man in a central role. That mystery turned to confusion when reports arrived that screenwriter Richard Wenk was actually relying on that very same comic story, "Kraven's Last Hunt" for his movie adaptation. The story in which Kraven famously killed Spider-Man, claimed his identity for himself, and having bested his greatest prey, took his own life.

It's a heck of a story, and one that was and could be focused on Kraven, with Spider-Man existing unseen, but felt. Set it in the same timeline but before the events of Venom, it could become a semi-prequel, with everyone now knowing why Spider-Man is "missing" from Eddie Brock's story. However, some might protest, Sony would never give up on a Venom crossover with Tom Holland's Spider-Man, would they? But that's where the real potential of this theory kicks in. Because even if Peter Parker is dead in the Venom movie universe... that doesn't mean Spider-Man has to be.

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