Venom's Most Disgusting Secret Revealed By Marvel

Venom's massive mouth may be his most famous feature, with even the movie keeping the hero's love for licking alive. But now that Marvel Comics has revealed the truth behind the symbiote's "slobber"... you will never look at Venom the same way again. Sorry in advance.

This new glimpse into the mythology of the Venom symbiote isn't for the easily squeamish, since even Eddie Brock is stunned to find out the truth. That truth being the disgusting revelation that the symbiote's saliva is actually the answer to a question no comic fan wanted to ask out loud: when Venom eats somebody, what does it do with the... waste? It turns out that the symbiote sends it straight to Venom's mouth. Prepare for your stomach to be turned.

So, About Venom's Famous Green Saliva...

For those comic book fans who may not have followed Venom from the very start of his comic book career, it's actually surprising how little his physical appearance has changed from Todd McFarlane's original designs. The continuity behind the symbiote antihero may have changed, like revealing that Venom's logo has almost nothing to do with Spider-Man's, but the earliest image of Venom could be mistaken for a current one. Black suit, hulking muscles, white logo and eyes, huge mouth of terrifying teeth, that massive Venom tongue, and finally, enough slobber green saliva to drown his victims before he even eats them.

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The green saliva positively dripping out of Venom's mouth like a rabid dog's drool persists to this day, even if it isn't exactly clear what use it serves (or why it's green, of all colors). At least, we used to not know what purpose it served. But that all changed when Eddie Brock recently woke up handcuffed in a nameless prison in Venom #8, being questioned about the symbiote by a mysterious genius. The genius is actually an evil, alternate universe's version of Mr. Fantastic, but that's not important. What is important is the way that Eddie and the symbiote were tracked before being captured: Venom's green saliva was so copious, and left in such a consistent trail, the authorities had no trouble finding them.

Oh, and one other thing: that isn't Venom's saliva.

Venom's Saliva is The Symbiote's... Waste

Proving his villainy in the most unexpected way, Reed's offhand reference to the green drool Venom propels across every fight he wages as "your symbiote's waste product" even gives the handcuffed Eddie pause. In fairness, nobody ever wondered whether or not the green slobber lubricating Venom's massive maw was alien saliva, or the alien's form of excretion waste from its body. Generally, it's not a question that really needs to be asked here on Earth.

Despite Eddie's efforts to process the information without blinking (or barfing), his interrogator recognizes he's just given Eddie Brock some new, disgusting insights into his "Other" to be processed later. For the fans reading the actual comic book, the time to process that gross information - that Venom has been essentially defecating out of its mouth this entire time - is NOW. Starting with the fact that after three decades, Venom fans can finally close the biggest loophole about symbiote biology, and explain - what actually happens when Venom eats somebody, brain and all?

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