Venom's Most DISGUSTING Symbiote Just Turned Adorable

The disturbing child of Venom has returned, but the symbiote 'Sleeper' has ditched its old form for an adorable one to protect Dylan Brock.

Venom Comic Child Symbiote Sleeper

Warning: SPOILERS for Venom #19

The world of Venom is filled with more and more symbiotes every day, but when it comes to the union of Eddie Brock and his Other, Venom has just one TRUE child. Born of the symbiote and raised by Eddie Brock as its father, their symbiote offspring 'Sleeper' has finally returned. And more importantly, just became quite possibly the cutest symbiote comic book fans have ever seen.

This transformation is a glimmer of light and optimism amidst the nightmare that is Carnage's mission to slay every symbiote. But if Eddie is busy taking on Carnage and his army with help from the Avengers, there is nobody better to watch over his son, Dylan Brock, than Sleeper (we would suggest Dylan's 'older brother' Sleeper, but that might be going a step too far). Besides, when Sleeper returned in the middle of Absolute Carnage, the symbiote offspring revealed it had gotten even more disturbed since it forcibly lobotomized its Kree host. Because that Kree host had long since become a dried-out corpse being piloted across space by Sleeper. Thank goodness a change was in order.

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Readers shouldn't cry for the aforementioned corpse host, since Tel-Kar, the Venom symbiote's very first host was a monster in his own rite. Still, Sleeper decides to ditch its dead host to take better care of Dylan. And in Venom #19, that includes taking the form of a massive symbiote dog -- just like Dylan witness from his father, Eddie. But to prove he's his own man, Sleeper senses Dylan wishes for it to take a different, more adorable form. And the results are instantly effective:

Venom Sleeper Cat with Dylan

Few would have ever imagined turning a symbiote protector into the (four-eyes) body of a housecat, but apparently, Sleeper's knack for sensing the desires and mind of a given creature didn't dull over time. What adventures await Dylan Brock and Sleeper, the Marvel Universe's most cuddle-able symbiote? Only time will tell. For now, readers can find the official credits and plot synopsis for the issue below:

  • Venom #19
  • Written by: Donny Cates
  • Art by: Iban Coello
  • Cover by: Kyle Hotz
  • AABSOLUTE CARNAGE TIE-IN! A FAMILY AFFAIR! As Carnage rules and chaos reigns, the symbiotic offspring of VENOM make their presence known by hunting Eddie Brock's son Dylan! But there's more to Dylan than Venom, Carnage, or even The Maker understand - and once they learn the truth, nothing will be the same!

Venom #19 is available now from your local comic book shop.

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