VENOM Brings Iron Man's Endgame Tragedy To Comics

Venom and Iron Man will never get to team up in a Marvel movie, but that doesn't mean Eddie Brock can't pay tribute to the MCU's Tony Stark.

Iron Man Tony Stark and Venom

Warning: SPOILERS for Absolute Carnage #3

Even if Tony Stark was still alive, fans of Venom would probably never see Eddie Brock and the Iron Man share the screen. But that doesn't mean Venom can't pay his own tribute in the pages of Marvel Comics.

The subtle homage to Iron Man delivered in the ongoing Absolute Carnage event isn't made between the heroes themselves, since Iron Man has problems of his own to deal with (and if we're being technical, Tony Stark died in the comics a long time ago). No, Venom's homage is directed at the movie version of Iron Man lost in Avengers: Endgame. Now that both men have lost the young heroes in their charge, it seems the perfect time to acknowledge their unlikely bond. SPOILERS ahead.

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The heartbreaking scene in Absolute Carnage puts Eddie Brock into Tony Stark's shoes in the worst way possible. Once again, the young Spider-Man dives headfirst into danger, taking on the horde of Carnage, because... who else is going to do it? Only this time, it's Miles Morales risking his life when Eddie comes to save him. Sadly for everyone involved, Eddie's efforts to keep Miles safe prove as flawed as Tony's. And both are forced to watch as the "kids" they care for are lost to darkness...

Spider-Man Miles Morales Beaten By Carnage

Miles doesn't use his final words to tell "Mr Brock... I don't feel so good," choosing instead to cry out for help before the Carnage symbiote infects his mind with evil. We'll leave it to the fans to decide who is more responsible for losing their respective versions of Spider-Man, since Eddie didn't technically recruit Miles into this Absolute Carnage showdown. In fact, the two only met in the pages of Venom #3 when Miles assumed Eddie was still a villain. When they finally stopped fighting long enough to come to an understanding, Eddie's respect for Miles was obvious, noticing the heroism and selflessness already determining who this "kid" was going to grow up to be.

Which makes Eddie's focus away from Miles just long enough for him to be overrun so tragic. In Endgame, Tony Stark failed to save Peter Parker, his responsibility, along with half the universe. Here Miles was taken by a less definitive, but no less hopeful enemy. But on the very first page of the next issue, both men use the same four heartbreaking words to sum up their failures: "I lost the kid."

Venom Comic Lost The Kid Spider-Man

Technically Miles is still alive, unlike Endgame's Peter, which makes Tony's first words to Steve Rogers a bit more literal. But given his own history with symbiotes (and Cletus in particular) Eddie knows the nightmare Miles is living, as his physical form is turned into a new Carnage-ized Doppelganger. Now that Eddie has paid tribute to the late Tony Stark of the MCU, here's hoping he can bounce back just as well before Carnage wins the day. Oh, and the best part? Writer Donny Cates confirmed on Twitter that he actually wrote the line before seeing Avengers: Endgame. Making this connection downright destined. Fans can pick up their own copy of the issue now, to see how this defeat will turn around--assuming it can...

  • Written by: Donny Cates
  • Art by: Ryan Stegman
  • Cover Art by: Ryan Stegman
  • THE SUMMER OF SLAUGHTER CONTINUES! After the harrowing events at the end of ABSOLUTE CARNAGE #2, Venom and Spider-Man have to deal with the hard truth that not everybody will make it out of this conflict in one piece… if they make it out at all, that is. As Carnage continues to amass strength and allies, Venom and Spider-Man realize that the only way to beat him is to do the same…

Absolute Carnage #3 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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Source: Donny Cates

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