Venom: Tom Holland Would Jump at Opportunity to Work With Tom Hardy

Tom Holland is currently the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Spider-Man, but he would jump at the opportunity to appear next to Tom Hardy in Venom. Marvel Studios and Sony came together a few years back to work on bringing Spider-Man into the MCU. This partnership has already come to fruition in Captain America: Civil War, but Spider-Man: Homecoming will be the true launching point. However, this new solo Spider-Man franchise is not enough for Sony, as they are also planning a separate universe of their own.

Venom will kick this off and the prospects of Venom existing without a Spider-Man is rather confusing, which lead to many wondering if it did take place in the MCU. Homecoming producer Amy Pascal made the matter even more complicated saying Venom is an adjunct to the MCU, but she and Kevin Feige have since confirmed they are separate. That means for now Spidey and Venom won't be crossing paths, but Holland would jump at the chance if it arose.

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Screen Rant spoke to Holland at the Homecoming press junket this weekend and asked him about the growing universe that Sony is developing. He is well aware that they exist separately as of right now, but that has not made the rising star less interested in having the opportunity to work with a Hollywood heavyweight like Hardy. When we asked whether Holland hopes to appear in Sony's own Marvel universe, he said:

That’s something that’s not up to me, I am the MCU’s Spider-Man, I exist in a world with the Avengers. If Venom exists in that world, I don’t really know the answer to that question. I don’t think he does. But yeah, any opportunity to work with Tom Hardy, I’d jump to it.

This is not the first time Holland has expressed his potential enthusiasm to work with Hardy and be in Venom. He recently praised what Hardy will bring to the character, sharing his excitement for it - even if they wouldn't be connected. It has become very clear that the chances of Holland and Hardy working together in Venom is slim-to-none, yet the prospect of it is still something to think about.

Hardy has routinely shown an ability to morph into whatever role he is set to conquer and this approach has made him one of the top actors currently working. If he takes a similar approach to Eddie Brock, he should have no problem helping to turn Venom into a hit. Should Venom keep a small focus and be successful without radically changing the world he exists in, there is always the chance that Marvel Studios and Sony could come together at a later point and bring Holland and Hardy together in the future.

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