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As shooting continues on Sony's Spidey spinoff Venom, some on-set photos have made their way onto social media, and they seem to indicate the film will be as much of a straightforward action movie at it will be a superhero one. More plot details and casting announcements seem to be dropping online every day. The possible involvement of Woody Harrelson has just been announced, and lead actor Tom Hardy recently confirmed that the plot was inspired by the 'Lethal Protector' comic storyline.

Fans of Spider-Man were taken aback when Hardy was cast as Eddie Brock, the host of the toothy symbiote that has plagued the Web Head as Venom for years. Since then, the cast has rounded out impressively with recent additions including Michelle Williams and Jenny Slate, alongside Riz Ahmed. However recent photos have hinted that Brock's history may differ to that of the comics and Spider-Man 3 (where he was played by Topher Grace). In most stories he starts as a disgruntled journalist, but Hardy has been shown wearing military gear and caught in action sequences, suggesting that this Brock may have army and physical training.

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This seems to be backed up in recent photos taken and posted on Twitter by Atlanta Filming. They apparently show a motorcycle chase in progress, which has led to at least one car bursting into flame. It's hard to be certain, but the rider looks to be a stunt stand-in for Hardy, clothed casually and certainly not wearing a mo-cap costume (so he can't be in Venom mode for the scene). 'Brock' is seated on the bike as it is lifted into the air by a harness, presumably setting up a shot where the character makes a speeding jump on the vehicle for an action sequence. You can check out the photos below:

On the evidence of those images, we can guess that Hardy will be doing plenty of 'normal' action sequences, as well as mo-capped Venom fight scenes. It makes sense when you realise that he has been physically training hard for the Venom role, and that the stunt coordinators from Logan and John Wick are involved in the film. From these and previous photos, some have suggested that this version of Brock may well be based on Flash Thompson's Agent Venom, due to the military gear and emphasis on stunts.

With the production well underway, and the plot being totally separate from the MCU films and Tom Holland's Peter Parker (so far), it will be interesting to see how this combination of action and the ultimate anti-hero will play out. We'll bring you more news on the shooting of Venom as we get it.

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Source: Atlanta Filming

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