Venom Blu-ray Will Reportedly Feature Extended Mid-Credits Scene [Updated]

The Venom Blu-ray will reportedly feature an extended edition of the film's mid-credits scene. Though Sony's latest Marvel Comics adaptation was hit with some truly brutal reviews from critics, audiences seemed to enjoy the final product. Venom managed to shatter October box office records and so far has grossed an impressive $543.1 million worldwide. Seeing that Eddie Brock and Venom are currently the internet's most 'shipped couple, it's safe to say the movie left an impression on the zeitgeist.

In all likelihood, it's only a matter of time before Venom 2 is announced. Sony definitely had confidence their franchise starter would be successful, since they ended it with a stinger teasing bigger things to come. The scene, of course, features Eddie visiting San Quentin prison to interview Cletus Kasady, known to many fans as Carnage. It was a fun moment in the theatrical cut, and now viewers will be able to see more of it.

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According to Anton Volkov of Trailer Track, the special features on the Venom home media release include an extended version of the San Quentin scene. It's apparently one of three cut sequences that will be available, along with "Ride to the Hospital" and "Car Alarm."

Update: None of those features listed are confirmed for the Sony Home Video Entertainment release of Venom.

Going by the listing, the extended clip runs about a minute longer than the original edit, which is actually a fair amount of additional screen time. It'll be interesting to see what's included in the new footage. Most likely, there'll be extra interplay between Brock and Kasady, offering a tease of what their dynamic should be like in the upcoming sequel. Readers of the source material know Carnage is a chief nemesis of Venom and many have been looking forward to see the two come to blows on the big screen. After using the first film to establish the character of Eddie and his close bond with the symbiote, it sounds like the plan is to unleash Carnage in Venom 2.

Even though Venom obviously has its fair share of fans, Riz Ahmed's Carlton Drake/Riot wasn't seen as an exactly memorable antagonist. The character served his purpose in the story, but many were in agreement he was a fairly generic villain and one of the weakest aspects of the movie. Hopefully, Carnage is the polar opposite. With a talented actor like Woody Harrelson bringing life to the off-kilter serial killer, chances are he'll be able to craft something special. Perhaps his extended cameo in the Venom deleted scenes will help increase anticipation for his real debut.

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Source: Anton Volkov

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