How the Venom Movie Works Without Including Spider-Man

Venom Trailer at Comic-Con

Director Ruben Fleischer has spoken out on why his film Venom works without Spider-Man. At last night's San Diego Comic-Con Sony panel, Venom fans crammed into Hall H for the chance to obtain insight into the highly anticipated upcoming film. While information abounded - including new footage, transforming emojis and a new trailer - questions regarding Spider-Man's absence still remained.

Since the announcement of the film, fans of the comic book and the Spider-Man universe have been wondering how Venom would work without Spider-Man. In the comic book series, Venom is the archenemy of Spider-Man, a symbiote that inhabits the bodies of hosts. Before Venom occupied Eddie Brock, it had also found a home within Spider-Man. Having eventually found a way to separate himself from the symbiote, Spider-Man would continue to fight Venom as it inhabited different hosts. Ferocious, dark and unrelenting, Venom has become one of the web-slinger's greatest rivals, and a fan favorite within the Marvel villain roster.

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Talking to IGN, Fleischer spoke on why he believed his film could work without the appearance of Spider-Man. "There is more than enough Venom to go around. Venom is a really huge character, and Hardy is an amazing actor, so there is plenty to mine just from Tom's performance, the character and the world he inhabits," said Fleischer. Fleischer also gave note to the uniqueness of Venom through the "duality of the character". Where other villains and heroes are gifted with powers, Venom's strength and power comes from a cohesive pairing of two entities. Whether they are conflicting or cohesively bound, it's this duality that creates greater depth for the character and the story.

It's interesting, however, that before expounding on the question at hand, Fleischer did initially answer, "Who's to say whether it's with or without Spider-Man", leaving many to wonder if the film will be completely void of the famed superhero. Perhaps Venom will hold true, leaving Spider-Man on the sidelines, placing the spotlight entirely on Eddie Brock and his relationship with the symbiote - or maybe not. Marvel films do have a tendency of introducing both new and old characters into the franchise through post-credit scenes. And while this is a Sony picture, Spider-Man could be reintroduced in a post-credit scene at the conclusion of Venom, thus setting the stage for further installments. Considering how often those involved have verbally danced around the idea of a Spider-Man cameo, it's hard to be sure either way.

With a teaser and official trailer previously released, the Sony SDCC panel only heightened the anticipation for Venom. While many questions were answered, there are still many remaining. Thankfully fans won't have to wait long to find out what's really going on, as Venom occupies theaters in only a few short months.

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Source: IGN

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