Venom Should Have Made Carnage Its Main Villain

Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock in Venom and Carnage

There's only one villain Venom fans are desperate to see take on Eddie Brock's tongue-slavering symbiote: Carnage, a homicidal maniac whose rampages have brought Marvel's greatest heroes to their knees. The sociopathic Carnage is best known for 1993's "Maximum Carnage" event, in which he cut a bloody swathe through New York City. Now, at long last, he's set to make his live-action movie debut later this year.

As important a character as Carnage may be, he's not going to be the main villain of the film. According to the latest rumors, Carnage will be played by Woody Harrelson, an actor who joined Venom late in production. That suggests Carnage will only play a minor role, and that Sony is saving a major appearance for further down the line in their Spider-villain cinematic universe. It's a fact that's sure to disappoint some who are eager to see the two symbiotes go head-to-head. It's also a massive mistake on Sony's part - the reality is that Carnage would be a far better villain than the ones Sony have planned.


The Villains Of Venom

It's now clear that the Venom arc is largely inspired by one of the symbiote's most popular miniseries, Venom: Lethal Protector. That means the villains are a ruthless company known as the "Life Foundation." In the comics, the Life Foundation believed the end of the Cold War would bring about a nuclear holocaust. The wealthiest could buy a place in their bunkers, where they would be guaranteed a chance to survive the end of the world. The Life Foundation became obsessed with Venom when they learned his symbiote could spawn; in the eyes of the company's insane leaders, the prospect of symbiote guards was ideal. The company's CEO is Carlton Drake - and Riz Ahmed is confirmed to play Drake in Venom.

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Naturally, given that this is an origin story, the Lethal Protector arc has been rewritten. The first promotional image teased that journalist Eddie Brock is investigating the Life Foundation, which is presumably how he will end up playing host to the symbiote. It seems there are allegations the Life Foundation recruit the most vulnerable to test their "pharmaceuticals," and Brock is taking these claims seriously. His investigation will lead him to become one of their test subjects, forced to bond with the Venom symbiote.

Lethal Protector saw the Life Foundation create five other symbiotes, and they're likely to appear in the film. There's a tradition for superhero films to use "mirror image" villains like this; Iron Man takes on another man in armor, Flash struggles against super-speedsters, and Wonder Woman duels with gods and demigods. As Marvel's Kevin Feige explained, this allows the superhero films to develop one consistent narrative, while the villain becomes a representation of the hero's dark side. Venom himself was introduced as a "mirror image" villain, a twisted version of Spider-Man who ultimately became an antihero in his own right. These five symbiotes will likely be the villains of Venom, monstrous beings who serve Carlton Drake's insane plans.

What Is Carnage's Role In Venom?

But that raises one difficult question; what, then, is Carnage's role in the film? Back in June last year, Sony CEO Tom Rothman confirmed that Carnage would appear in the movie. Fans initially believed Ahmed would be playing Carnage, but the latest rumors suggest Woody Harrelson is the man to watch. Harrelson joined Venom when the film was late in production, and was initially described as a "henchman." That's an important clue as to his role.

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It looks as though the Life Foundation have recruited Cletus Kasady as one of their agents. If that's the case, the film is sure to feature some tense scenes in which the homicidal Kasady demonstrates his nature. It may even be that some of Eddie Brock's nearest and dearest will become Kasady's targets - perhaps even Brock's ex-wife, Anne Weying. There are actually rumors the movie will end with Brock committed to San Quentin State Prison, where he and Kasady will be cellmates. A fragment of Venom's symbiote will break off, making its way towards Kasady - and the film will fade to black. This would be a fairly accurate reproduction of Carnage's comic book origin.

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