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Riot and Venom Were The Symbiotes' Names BEFORE They Came To Earth?

After he bonds with Eddie Brock, who originally believed he was infected with a parasite, Venom revealed himself to his human host by introducing himself as "Venom." Later, when explaining more about his background and the origins of the symbiotes, Venom told Brock that he was part of a team and that the symbiote team leader was named "Riot". This means "Venom" and "Riot" were the symbiotes names before they came to Earth, bonded with humans, and learned the English language!

However, there is a possible explanation for this: among the symbiotes' powers are telepathic abilities and extra-sensory perception. For example, Venom exhibits a version of Spider-Man's Spider-Sense where he's aware of danger and informs Eddie before it happens. Once they bond with humans, the symbiotes can read their minds and learn everything about them, including learn languages. So the most likely scenario is that "Venom" and "Riot" are the English translations of their alien names. But the way it plays in the movie, it simply comes off as strange that the symbiotes already have names that sound suspiciously like comic book supervillain codenames.

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How Did Riot Know To Go To San Francisco?

After their shuttle crashed in Malaysia, the Life Foundation recovered three symbiotes and brought them back to Carlton Drake. The fourth symbiote, Riot, spent six months infecting and murdering multiple people across Malaysia until he boarded an airplane and flew to San Francisco. Never mind the trail of bodies Riot left behind, but how did Riot know to go to San Francisco specifically to find Carlton Drake? At what point did Riot ultimately plan to bond with Drake and then use Drake's ship to go into space to bring back more symbiotes?

The answer to Riot's awareness of his surroundings and goals have to lie in who the symbiote possessed en route. Most of the people Riot took over and eventually killed were just common people he encountered in Malaysia, but tracing his body-snatching back to its original source, Riot initially possessed the spaceship's pilot, John Jameson. It must have been through reading Jameson's mind that Riot learned about Drake, the Life Foundation, and that they are based in San Francisco. Riot then methodically made his way across the world to find the billionaire. Riot also somehow didn't murder people on the airplanes he was riding on while possessing the body of a little girl. Riot also stayed in that girl's body upon landing in SF and making it all the way to confronting Drake inside the Life Foundation.

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