Venom Trailer #2 Got More Views in 24 Hours Than Wonder Woman

Venom drew more views for its second trailer in the first 24 hours than Wonder Woman and Doctor Strange. The newest look at Sony's Tom Hardy-starring standalone Spider-Man spinoff garnered widespread attention after it first dropped on Monday at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. It's notable for the first full reveal of Hardy as Eddie Brock transforming into the titular Symbiote alien, which invades Brock's body after an incident at the lab run by Riz Ahmed's Carlton Drake.

After the first teaser left a lot to be desired in terms character reveals and visual effects, the first full Venom trailer provided that much more satisfying of an experience for fans wishing to finally get their first look at the main character in its full glory. That desire apparently translated to massive online success for the new trailer - especially in the first 24 hours, the numbers for which surpassed some heavy hitters among comic book movies.

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As reported exclusively by The Wrap on Saturday, Venom's second trailer totaled 64.3 million official views in its first 24 hours online, passing the totals for Wonder Woman and Doctor Strange by the same metric. Views are as measured by social monitoring company Fizziology, which uses YouTube, Reddit, social networks, blogs, and other online avenues to "provide a complete picture of social media opinions." The trailer had garnered 124.7 million views overall at the time of The Wrap's report.

What makes the success of Venom's second trailer unusual is that it's a major leap forward from the not-so-well-received first teaser. Views for trailer No. 2 in the first 24 hours increased by 72 percent, according to The Wrap. The original teaser ran nearly two minutes in length but didn't provide so much as a hint of what Venom would look like, leading to a poorly received teaser perceived as being rushed to theaters.

It appears that Sony's strategy of holding back entirely on the first appearance of Venom paid off with the second trailer. Venom's appearance was at least equally as well-received as the decision itself to finally reveal the title character in the flesh. The Wrap's report added that positive conversation went up 46 percent while negative conversation dropped by 63 percent, illustrating a major turnaround in the outlook for the movie based on trailer reactions. The trailer has been imitated and parodied, indicating an uncommon level of success for your standard preview, and audiences have generally praised the accurate appearance of the anti-hero.

There's no question that even if Sony didn't mean to slow-play the reveal of Venom to the effect it did initially, the appearance of Venom looks good enough on its own to get fans excited for its Oct. 5 release. There's still far more to learn about the movie with its premiere months away, as much of the plot remains shrouded in relative secrecy. But based on what's been revealed in the new Venom trailer and the huge attention it received, things are looking up for Hardy and director Ruben Fleischer's version of the character.

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Source: The Wrap

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