What Time Will The Venom Trailer Release?

UPDATE: The Venom teaser trailer is online!

A Venom trailer is arriving today - Thursday, February 8 - but when exactly can you expect to see it? Sony has been trying to get a Spider-Man spinoff focused on Eddie Brock and his unfortunate relationship with a vicious symbiote off the ground since Andrew Garfield was Peter Parker, and now they've finally done it. Tom Hardy will star as the iconic villain/anti-hero in this year's Venom, with Zombieland's Ruben Fleischer directing a script by Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg.

The film has been shooting over the past few months under a veil of secrecy. We got a full photo of Hardy that teased the Five Symbiotes, and a Brazil Comic-Con appearance from director and star confirmed the comic book source, but we still don't know how exactly Venom will be brought to life. Soon, though, that'll all change with the arrival of the first official teaser trailer.

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All Sony's confirmed is that the Venom trailer will release "tomorrow", February 8, and as it's likely going to be an online exclusive ahead of being attached to Black Panther in theaters (in contrast to Disney's TV premiere cross-promotion), there's no official slot to pin down. However, based on Sony's (and other studio's) standard trailer release approach, we can narrow that down to the morning, most likely between 8am-12pm EST/5-9am PST (that's 1-5pm GMT) with an earlier skew.

All this speculation made, it's important to remember that this is a teaser rather than a full trailer; while it offers our first look at Venom, it's unlikely to reveal much more of the character than his basic design due to the fact the movie is still eight months away; very little CGI will be refined and Sony will want to keep at least some of the symbiote in the bag. We can still expect a sense of how Hardy's approaching Eddie Brock, and hopefully a look at Michelle Williams as Anne Weying and Riz Ahmed as Dr. Carlton Drake, as well as possibly a tease of Woody Harrelson's villain. Of course, fans will be particularly on the lookout for any wider Spider-Man Easter eggs that may hint at the future of Sony's villain franchise (up after Venom is Silver & Black) or its connection to Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Whatever the trailer offers, be sure to keep it with Screen Rant after Venom's first look drops for a detailed breakdown and more explorations of its reveals.

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Key Release Dates
  • Venom (2018) release date: Oct 05, 2018
  • Silver and Black release date:
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