Venom Viral Marketing Teasing New Trailer Release Next Week

Sony Pictures Entertainment rolls out their viral marketing campaign in preparation for the release of a brand new Venom trailer next week. Boasting a high profile cast, including Michelle Williams (Ann Weying), Riz Ahmed (Carlton Drake) - who will eventually be taken over by a new symbiote, Riot - and Tom Hardy as the titular character, the Ruben Fleischer-directed film is set to kick off the studio's own cinematic franchise featuring Spider-Man-connected characters.

Admittedly, not everyone was thrilled when the Venom film was first announced, especially since there was some initial confusion over whether or not it would tie-in to Tom Holland's version of Peter Parker that exists in the MCU. Over the weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, the filmmakers behind the movie finally cleared things up and said that as it is, Eddie Brock's story stands on its own. They also released a Hall H-exclusive new look at the movie, which people generally liked a lot more than the previously released previews for the flick. Now, Sony is looking to keep the ball rolling by launching viral marketing for the debut of a new trailer next week.

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Called Eddie's Clubhouse, the promotional Twitter account was already in existence as early as December of 2017, but it was only recently that it started posting updates - with its first tweet featuring a video from Fleischer welcoming visitors looking for Venom. Over the last few days, it's posted several fans donning the special Venom face masks distributed at Comic-Con as part of the marketing for the film. The latest update from the account hypes people up for the arrival of a brand new Venom trailer that looks to be on tap for next week.

It seems like Sony is planning to use the Eddie's Clubhouse account as a hub for all things Venom. Its bio reads: "Welcome to Eddie’s Clubhouse. Join us each week as journalist Eddie Brock responds to your tweets." and interestingly, its banner image even teases Venom's role as Eddie's assistant editor of the page. This could mean that over the course of the next few months until the flick hits theaters, fans will be treated to in-character tweets from either Eddie or Venom - which could give interested fans a special peek at what the dynamic between the two will be like in the film.

While viral marketing is far from a new tactic, it was 2016's Deadpool that most recently proved just how effective it could be, without the studio needing to spend millions of dollars on traditional publicity methods. Signing up for a social media platform like Twitter is free, and if Sony can curate interesting content week after week, it will undoubtedly boost people's interest in Venom. As for the upcoming trailer, it's probably for the best if Sony just publicly releases the one they showed at SDCC, considering the positive reception it got from Hall H attendees.

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Source: Eddie's Clubhouse/Twitter

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