Venom Trailer Reveals Multiple Symbiotes

Venom Movie Five Symbiotes

The newly released trailer for Venom has confirmed that the movie will feature multiple symbiotes. This was a point of some concern for fans of the Marvel Comics' anti-hero, who were already worried about the upcoming movie starring Tom Hardy, due to the first trailer's lack of any scenes including the black-suited symbiote in action.

The question of how Fox could make a Venom movie independent of Spider-Man is another point that has perplexed fans of the character. In the original comics, Venom was created after Peter Parker rejected a partnership with an alien creature - the symbiote - who enhanced his strength and gave him camouflage powers but also encouraged his darker impulses. After having been driven away by Peter Parker, the symbiote found Eddie Brock - a disgraced reporter who blamed Spider-Man for his life falling apart. Together, the two would become merge to become Spider-Man's worst enemy!

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The trailer, which can be viewed above, sheds some light on how the movie will alter Venom's origins for the sake of a film independent of Spider-Man. Here, we see Eddie Brock as a reporter, who is contacted about a sinister group called The Life Foundation. Brock's investigation leads to his discovery of multiple symbiotes and the exposure that leads to him bonding with one to become Venom.

The trailer also confirms earlier reports that the plot of the movie will be based (at least in part) on the classic comic book story line Venom: Lethal Protector. This comic saw Eddie Brock being abducted by an organization called The Life Foundation and his symbiote being harvested to produced five "children" - Scream, Agony, Phage, Lasher and Riot. The trailer depicts several test subjects who have been bonded to symbiotes but we do not see enough of them to determine if any of them are based on the symbiotic characters from the comics.

Thankfully, the trailer does reveal enough - including a glimpse of Eddie Brock's transformation into Venom - to calm the fears of the fandom that Venom would be, as director Kevin Smith quipped, "Tom Hardy: The Movie." It remains to be seen if earlier rumors, such as Woody Harrelson playing the role of Cletus "Carnage" Kasady, will turn out to be true as well. Still, with the presence of multiple-symbiotes and the name drop of The Life Foundation seeming to confirm that the story will be taken straight from the comic books, fans everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief that The Lethal Protector is apparently being done justice.

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