Venom Trailer #3: The Best Scenes & HD Stills From the Movie

The latest trailer for Venom has gone all-in on showcasing the titular antihero in all of his grotesque and unforgiving duality. Featuring various stages of Eddie Brock's transformation into the symbiote skin suit, some of the best scenes from Venom's trailer feature Eddie's struggle between finding a balance with his monstrous alter ego and using his superpowers in untraditionally heroic ways (i.e. biting thieves' heads off).

In Venom, investigative journalist Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy) is attempting to rekindle his journalistic integrity following a scandal, only to find himself in the middle of a dangerous conspiracy. He inadvertently becomes the host of an alien substance called the symbiote, melding with the being known as Venom. The latest trailer is packed with its fair share of epic, haunting, and tastefully fan-servicing moments relating to that transformation, while still leaving plenty to be desired for the movie's theatrical release this October.

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Between moments featuring the symbiote at its fullest capacity, the symbiote-infused villain Riot, the movie's dark humor, and, of course, the interactions between Eddie Brock and Venom themselves, these HD stills from the Venom trailer offer up the visual goods for fans to pore over and speculate about for the coming months.

The Venom trailer shows off its first glimpse of Eddie Brock imbued with the symbiote. Clearly, whatever Eddie sees, his mischievous alter ego sees, too.

Before the symbiote creates a successful symbiosis with Eddie, one unlucky participant in Dr. Carlton Drake's questionable experiments at the Life Foundation is seemingly fatally consumed by the alien substance.

Eddie uses his skills on a motorcycle - as well as some handy abilities from the symbiote - to evade capture from some unknown enemies (though they're likely affiliated with the Life Foundation).

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Director Ruben Fleischer described Venom as a modern, superhero take on werewolf lore - namely on account of Eddie's integral struggle with his new alien counterpart. This scene showcases Eddie mid-transformation (and looking appropriately beast-like).

This scene physically showcases the literal duality between Eddie and the symbiote - as well as Eddie's apprehension (or fear) of his new "accomplice."

In this scene, the motorcycle chase from earlier appears to have ended badly for Eddie, having been seemingly run over and mangled in the process. However, the symbiote is proving its worth, healing his wounds and introducing Eddie's newfound abilities to restore himself back to full health.

This is the first full shot of Venom in the trailer, with Eddie giving himself over to the transformation (whether willingly or unwillingly). Local San Franciscans get their first glimpse of the not-so-friendly neighborhood anti-hero.

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Another close-up of Venom, this shot shows off a significantly more aggressive demeanor of the human-alien hybrid and hints at some audience-focused attacks.

In a more CGI-heavy shot first featured in the initial teaser, Eddie is in the early stage of transforming into Venom - possibly for the first time, considering the location and hospital gown.

In Venom, the symbiote isn't only attracted to and utilized by Eddie Brock. Donna Diego (played by Michelle Lee) is officially introduced as one of the five symbiotes from the comics, Scream.

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Venom's physical design has stuck incredibly close to the source material. However, instead of sporting his traditional white spider symbol on his chest, the white accents have been scattered around his body in a veiny, almost lighting bolt-style design.

This is first official shot of Riot (the symbiote-infused alter ego of Dr. Carlton Drake, played by Riz Ahmed).

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In what appears to be the final battle between Venom and Riot, the villain is physically tearing the symbiote off of Eddie's face - and he appears to have the upper hand.

With their respective symbiotes distancing themselves from their human forms in a kind of inkblot-esque explosion, Eddie and Dr. Drake fight each other face-to-face.

In one of the last shots of the trailer, Venom faces down what appears to be a thief trying to rob Eddie's local bodega. They introduce themselves as Venom to the thief, revealing Eddie's face underneath seconds before opening wide and presumably biting off the man's head.

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