How Venom Trailer #3 Compares To The Comic-Con Footage

Venom Trailer - Venom and Eddie

A new trailer for Venom has landed, and appears to be a trimmed down version of the footage that was recently shown at San Diego Comic-Con. Directed by Ruben Fleischer, Venom stars Tom Hardy as reporter Eddie Brock, whose investigation into the sinister Life Foundation gets him stuck with a violent, toothy symbiote called Venom. The movie is primarily based on the comic book story arc Venom: Lethal Protector, and like that comic it will also feature other symbiotes for Venom to contend with.

The main difference between the Venom trailer that was released online and what was shown at Comic-Con is the opening. The Comic-Con trailer begins with Eddie talking to the owner of the convenience store, Mrs. Chan, who tells him that he doesn't look well, and suggests that he take up meditating. He then goes home, puts a disc in his DVD player, and starts meditating, at which point the trailer cuts to a montage of Eddie breaking down as the symbiote takes over his body - running through the woods, popping pills, and calling someone to say that he's feeling sick. From there, the Comic-Con footage plays out more or less exactly like the online trailer. The only new footage featured in this trailer seems to be a brief clip of Eddie saying that his new power is "not completely awful," which Screen Rant's Hall H attendee couldn't recall seeing during the Comic-Con footage.

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The close similarities between the two trailers is particularly significant because Comic-Con audiences were warned that the Venom's visual effects were unfinished, hence the trailer not being released online at the time. The fact that this trailer, featuring almost all the same footage, has dropped less than two weeks later means that the VFX probably isn't any more polished than it was at Comic-Con, so hopefully those moments where the CGI looks particularly bad will look better by the time the movie arrives in theaters.

Venom Trailer - Venom vs Riot

Being able to pause the trailer also offers an opportunity to spot details that would have been missed by the Comic-Con crowd. For example, we learned during the Venom panel that the symbiote called Riot (one of five other symbiotes featured in Lethal Protector, which are derived from the original Venom symbiote) would take control of Riz Ahmed's villain, Dr. Carlton Drake. In the above image of Venom fighting Riot, you can actually see Ahmed's head exposed in the middle of the symbiote.

We can also make out some other symbiotes in this trailer. For example, the yellowish symbiote seen at the start of the trailer could be either Scream or Phage, two of Riot's siblings. On the other hand, the movie could simply stick to having just two symbiotes, and perhaps briefly introducing Carnage in order to set up a sequel.

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