New Venom Trailer CGI Fixes The First Teaser's Worst Moments

Tom Hardy in Venom

The latest trailer for Venom has fixed all the worst moments from its first teaser by adding in missing CGI. Now, Eddie Brock and the trailer itself feel appropriately fleshed-out in their new skin.

Based on the transformable antihero from Marvel comics, Venom follows investigative journalist Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy) as he finds himself caught up in a dangerous conspiracy that ultimately makes him the host of an alien substance known as the symbiote. Before long, Brock discovers that he's been imbued with a set of unusual powers - namely the ability to transform into an alien being that becomes his complex alter-ego Venom. The movie also stars Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Jenny Slate, Reid Scott, and Woody Harrelson. And while the first teaser for Venom featured inspired, yet noticeably unfinished sequences, the new trailer adds some polish with some necessary CGI.

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Venom may not be on the same epic scale as other Marvel properties (specifically that of his archenemy Spider-Man), but the bulk of the action, major set pieces, and the whole of Venom himself require healthy servings of visual effects. Thankfully, the latest trailer gives audiences a better idea of what they'll end up seeing once the movie hits theaters in October, adding complete (or, at least, near-complete) CGI in scenes that were missing it completely in the teaser (due to it releasing a whopping nine months ahead of release).

The Motorcycle Chase

Tom Hardy on motorcycle in Venom

The first notable upgrade in the new Venom trailer happens during the motorcycle chase sequence. The scene involves Eddie Brock being chased by two SUVs while he's riding on a motorcycle. He uses his newly acquired symbiote to help evade capture, tethering the alien substance to the vehicles and causing them to crash. In the first teaser, this scene looked more like fuzzy behind-the-scenes footage due to a lack of color correction and CGI (not only for the symbiote but in superimposing Tom Hardy's face over the stunt cyclist).

Eddie's Head Thrashing

Tom Hardy and Eddie Brock transforming in Venom

In the first teaser, Venom wasn't revealed but merely teased; we saw Eddie Brock in an MRI scan where he began thrashing around violently as slight black veins moved up his next. However, before any actual transformation, the scene cut to the title card.

In the latest trailer, though, audiences get to see the sequence proper - and some idea why it wasn't finished originally. The symbiote is not only more pronounced in his neck, but flashes of Venom are revealed mid-thrashing care of the MRI. This is a sign of Venom, although more of a taster than the monster in action.

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Riot's Office Attack

Riot office attack in Venom

Finally, the most noticeable CGI upgrade in the latest Venom trailer takes place in an office setting with the movie's main villain Riot (played by Riz Ahmed). In the teaser, the scene just features a group of office workers falling over their desks and being whisked across the room; they're being attacked by something that simply wasn't there. In the latest trailer, however, Riot has been added, helping make some sense out of the scene.

There may well be some additional rendering added to the visual effects before Venom is released, but this is certainly already an improvement on the nonexistent CGI from the teaser.

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