Venom Movie Trailer Reveals New Symbiotes - Including Riot

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Sony Pictures releases a new Venom movie trailer, teasing director Ruben Fleischer and star Tom Hardy's film following Marvel's Eddie Brock. Sony surprised many when they announced a Venom movie that would ultimately launch a line of films utilizing their catalogue of Spider-Man related characters. However, since Tom Holland's Spider-Man currently appears in Marvel Studios' Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was unclear whether Sony's movies would tie in and, if so, how. For now, Venom is completely separate from the MCU, and Fleischer's film is expected to follow Hardy's Eddie Brock as he becomes fused with the Symbiote that makes him the titular character.

The first teaser trailer for Venom debuted much earlier this year - perhaps too early, as it received a great deal of criticism for not offering a glimpse at how Hardy would appear as Venom. The first full trailer for Venom was far better received, and gave fans their first look at the Symbiote. More recently, Sony screened some Venom footage at Comic-Con in San Diego earlier this month, and the reactions out of the panel were largely positive. Now, to continue hyping up Venom before its early October release date, Sony has unveiled a new trailer.

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After teasing the new Venom trailer last week, Sony released it online today. The latest Venom movie trailer can be seen in the space above. It features much of the same footage that was screened at Comic-Con two weeks ago, offering fans their first look at Venom's main villain, Riot (Riz Ahmed) the fellow Symbiote. The trailer also showcases a few other Symbiotes - a yellow unattached Symbiote early on that may become Phage, and then a woman after she's been merged with a Symbiote. There's also a man being experimented on with a Symbiote but it's unclear if he survives the merging.

In addition to Hardy and Ahmed, the latter of whom's character name is Carlton Drake, Venom stars Michelle Williams as Anne Weying, Scott Haze, Reid Scott, and Jenny Slate. Woody Harrelson is also confirmed to appear in Venom, and all reports point to him portraying Cletus Kasady, the psychopathic serial killer who becomes Carnage. However, the reports - and Harrelson himself - have said he's barely in the movie, causing many to suspect Carnage appears in Venom in a final scene or post-credits teaser setting up a sequel. That would explain why Harrelson has yet to appear in any of the Venom trailers.

Still, though Sony may be gearing up to a Venom versus Carnage fight in a potential sequel, this latest trailer reveals Eddie Brock and his Symbiote parasite will have plenty to contend with in their first film. Between Drake/Riot and the other Symbiotes on the loose, and Eddie battling the murderous tendencies of Venom, there's a great deal going on in Fleischer's anti-hero movie. And, considering how different it looks to other superhero films, as well as Venom's last live-action appearance in Spider-Man 3, Hardy and Fleischer's movie may prove to be a successful new entry in the genre of comic book adaptations. Fans will be able to find out for themselves when Venom hits theaters later this year.

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