Venom And His Big Tongue Get a New International Poster

Venom and his big tongue take center stage in a new international poster. The poster follows the movie's new trailer from earlier this week.

Venom – and his flexible tongue – takes center stage in a cool new poster for the upcoming movie. The Venom movie will be the character's first appearance on the big screen since Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3, where he was played by Topher Grace. Raimi has since confessed he's not a fan of the character and was essentially forced by producers to put him in the movie. This resulted in Venom becoming a rather lackluster villain in the final act, which was a big disappointment to fans.

A planned solo outing for Venom – written by Deadpool's Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick – was meant to follow the movie, but was eventually scrapped once Raimi left Spider-Man 4 and the series was rebooted. Eddie Brock was apparently set to appear in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 to set up a future Venom solo movie, with Channing Tatum being interested in the role, but once Marvel and Sony reached an agreement to share the character, the series was rebooted once again. Now Venom is finally get his very own adventure, with Tom Hardy starring and Ruben Fleischer directing.

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A new trailer for Venom arrived yesterday and gave fans their best look yet at the tone and scale of the movie, and now a brand-new international poster offers another close-up look at the character.

Venom appears to be wearing its R-rating as a badge of honor, with the trailer teasing a mixture of body horror, action and black comedy. It's been stated before the movie has been heavily influenced by the works of John Carpenter – namely The Thing – and David Cronenberg, and Venom will be far from the typical superhero blockbuster. There's still some confusion as to whether or not the movie will be considered part of the MCU or if Tom Holland will make a cameo appearance as Peter Parker, but if there are any connections, the studio will be keeping them secret until the movie comes out.

Venom is also part of a small wave of comic book movies mixing with horror, which also includes Todd McFarlane's Spawn reboot and Fox's New Mutants. Given the popularity of both genres – and older comic book fans seeking more mature narratives – these genre hybrids make a certain amount of sense. Given the excitement that greeted the latest Venom trailer, it looks like Sony have a literal monster hit on their hands.

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Source: Sony

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