Leaked Venom Trailer Footage Reveals Tom Hardy's Symbiote Suit [Updated]

UPDATE: The new Venom trailer is officially online!


Leaked footage from Venom finally reveals what Tom Hardy looks like in his symbiote form. Sony Pictures is pushing forward with plans to launch a cinematic universe filled of Spider-Man characters. Even though Tom Holland's Peter Parker is part of the MCU, the placement of Venom (and Silver & Black for that matter) is still unclear. Not even Venom's first trailer attempted to clarify this, but that wasn't why it left so many disappointed.

Sony debuted the first trailer for Venom earlier this year to a heavily mixed reception. The footage chosen didn't feature a single shot of Hardy as the iconic villain, leaving many feeling underwhelmed. That was bound to change soon as Hardy confirmed a new trailer was coming, but a leak beat the official footage.

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Twitter user @Mister_Batfleck shared the brief leaked footage today ahead of Sony's Cinema Con panel. There's less than ten seconds of footage to see, but it does show Hardy transforming into the symbiote form, unveiling Venom's form as well as his voice.

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