Venom's Tie-In Comic Reveals Surprising Movie Secrets

Marvel has published a digital tie-in comic for Sony's Venom, and it gives an unprecedented look at the film's first act. Marvel has a long history of publishing tie-in comics for the latest superhero movies, but they don't always leave fans with much.

Especially when it comes to the MCU, the results are disappointing. There have been a whole slew of official "Prelude" comics setting the stage for upcoming blockbusters, and while some have been effective companions - before the release of Doctor Strange, one issue fleshed out the villain Kaecilius far better than the film itself - most are simple retreads of previous movies.

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The Venom digital comic is very different. Published on the website, with collectible print editions to be distributed at select AMC Theater locations over the opening weekend, it's essentially a comic book adaptation of an upcoming film. It blows the lid on Venom's first act, revealing an incredible amount about the movie - from its theme and tone, to some of the comic-book-accurate concepts in play. Probably no comic book tie-in has ever revealed more about a film. So let's run through everything we learned in this digital issue.

Why Eddie Brock's Journalism Career Falls Flat

When Sony released the first Venom image back in January, it seemed to suggest that Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) was an investigative journalist who'd turned his eye to a secretive, sinister company known as the Life Foundation. Brock believed they were conducting illegal experimental tests upon the most vulnerable in society, and was determined to challenge them about that. This was confirmed in the Venom trailers, which showed Brock confronting CEO Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) over these rumors and allegations. The interview was cut short, and Brock was tossed out on the street.

The Venom tie-in reveals that this leads to Brock losing his job. He's blown a major interview, and as a result he gets fired; it's possible (although not shown) that Drake exerts some political pressure in order to achieve that. Bitter and frustrated, Brock attempts to deal with the unexpected end of his career. But that's when he's tracked down by a would-be whistle-blower, Dora Skirth (Jenny Slate), who tells him that everything he accused Drake of is true. Although the comic doesn't show it, Brock presumably decided to act on Skirth's information and break into the Life Foundation at night. Naturally, that's when it all goes horribly wrong.

Sony Doesn't Want To Show How Eddie Brock Becomes Venom

Although the tie-in comic reveals a lot about Venom's first act, here's the interesting thing; it skips a major part. We know from the trailers that Eddie Brock breaks into the Life Foundation, and that one of the symbiote-infected patients - Scream, an ET who went on a brief rampage in Asia before being captured by the Life Foundation - breaks free. The trailers have shown Scream standing over Eddie's body, reaching towards him - and that's where they've cut off.

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It's interesting that both the trailers and the tie-in comic have avoided revealing just how Eddie Brock gets infected by a symbiote. It could play out in a number of different ways; it's possible Scream's symbiote spawns, releasing seeds that influence Brock, or actually jumps from the ET and into Eddie. What's more likely, though, is that the Venom symbiote takes this chance to attack.

Whatever the truth, Sony and Marvel's reticence to reveal this scene is highly suggestive. They seem to believe it's a highlight of the movie, something they don't want to spoil too soon.

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